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Best Practices

Best Practices
Best Practices
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Best Practice
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The IAEA’s technical cooperation Best Practices initiative for the organization, documentation and dissemination of relevant Best Practices supports the on-going sharing of learning and innovation, networking, as well as the establishment of communities of practice. Areas for TC Best Practices are established based on key project principles derived from the Agency’s policy framework. These project principles include contribution to development goals; need and demand driven; peaceful use undertaking; safety and security; Member State ownership and shared responsibility; non-discriminatory; cooperation among Member States and with partners; quality programme management; and transparency.

What is a TC Best Practice?

For the IAEA’s TC programme, a ‘best practice’ is an example of a standing policy, strategy, procedure, process, tool, technique or method that supports enhanced compliance with relevant performance indicators in the effective and efficient delivery of the objectives of a TC task.

Best Practices in the IAEA’s technical cooperation programme

The Department of Technical Cooperation collects and disseminates TC best practices to encourage and support information sharing, continuous learning, innovation, networking and the development of communities of practices. The documentation of best practices in the design and implementation of the TC programme is central to managing the knowledge and experience of stakeholders in the TC programme.

Responsible/Contact: Department of Technical Cooperation | Last update: 20 Jun, 2016

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