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Funding the programme

The TC programme is funded through the Technical Cooperation Fund (TCF), which is sustained through Member States’ annual voluntary contributions, payments of National Participation Costs for each project, as well as through extrabudgetary contributions, including government cost-sharing and in-kind contributions. An annual target for TCF contributions is set for two years in advance following consultations with Member States, who are asked to pledge contributions against their share of the target.

Projects and project components that have been assessed and found to be technically sound and to fit within the requesting country’s programme, but where TCF resources are not sufficient to finance them, are commonly referred to as footnote-a/ projects. They are submitted to the IAEA Board of Governors for approval without funds being immediately available. If funds become available, either from extrabudgetary or from current or prior year TCF resource programme savings, some of the footnote-a/ projects and project components can be implemented. In addition, all projects and project components for which extrabudgetary resources are planned, whether through what is commonly referred to as government cost-sharing or through third party donors, are also submitted to the Board for approval under footnote-a/.

The technical cooperation programme is managed under Major Programme 6 of the IAEA regular budget programme.

New funding initiatives, such as the Agency’s Peaceful Uses Initiative, have emerged that support Member States in highlighting important un- or underfunded TC projects and have facilitated the mobilization of resources.

TC Programme Resources and Delivery section of the TC Annual Report

Responsible/Contact: Department of Technical Cooperation | Last update: 02 Dec, 2015

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