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Funding the programme

The TC programme is funded through the Technical Cooperation Fund (TCF), which is sustained through Member States’ annual voluntary contributions, payments of National Participation Costs for each project, as well as through extrabudgetary contributions, including government cost-sharing and in-kind contributions. An annual target for TCF contributions is set for two years in advance following consultations with Member States, who are asked to pledge contributions against their share of the target.

The technical cooperation programme is managed under Major Programme 6 of the IAEA regular budget programme.

New funding initiatives, such as the Agency’s Peaceful Uses Initiative, have emerged that support Member States in highlighting important un- or underfunded TC projects and have facilitated the mobilisation of resources.

TC Programme Resources and Delivery section of the TC Annual Report

Responsible/Contact: Department of Technical Cooperation | Last update: 22 Oct, 2015

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Regional/Cooperative Agreements

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