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What we do

With its wide range of activities and expertise in nuclear science and technology, the IAEA is helping Member States use nuclear techniques, where they offer an advantage over conventional methods, to address important development challenges.

The IAEA’s TC programme supports human resource capacity building activities, networking, knowledge sharing and partnership facilitation, as well as the procurement of equipment. Human resource capacity building is provided through expert missions and meetings, fellowships and scientific visits, and special training courses focusing on the safe and effective use of peaceful applications of nuclear energy and nuclear technology. In addition, the IAEA organizes regional and interregional workshops, and supports national workshops.

Training courses and workshops provided through the technical cooperation programme cover a wide range of topics related to the peaceful application of nuclear technology in various sectors. This approach helps build local expertise, and strengthens networking by bringing together researchers and technicians from across the developing world.

Expert assistance makes available on-the-spot in-country training by a recognized expert. 

Training fellowships prepare local personnel to apply nuclear techniques in the national sector. Fellows are sent abroad for comprehensive training in a suitable institution for periods ranging up to one year, and in certain cases longer periods are considered.

Scientific visits are awarded to senior staff in order to broaden the scientific or managerial qualifications of specialists in developing countries. Scientific visits may have a duration of up to two weeks.

Conferences, symposia and seminars
are designed to support the exchange of ideas between experts and specialists from various countries.

Equipment and materials provided by the IAEA are used to establish or enhance national development activities in Member States. When complex equipment is supplied to a country, the project usually includes the visit of an expert to train the staff in the operational and technical aspects of the instrument.

Responsible/Contact: Department of Technical Cooperation | Last update: 30 Jan, 2017

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