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RAF/7/011 Integrated and Sustainable Management of Shared Aquifer Systems and Basins of the Sahel Region

Sahel in Focus
The IAEA continues its efforts to address challenges in Africa using nuclear technology. Through its technical cooperation (TC) programme, the IAEA implemented a large scale TC project on water resources assessment and management in the Sahel region. Read more »

IAEA Project Maps Groundwater in Africa’s Sahel Region, Shows Significant Reserves
Press Release | 29 May 2017 | The findings, compiled in five reports published today, are the result of a four-year Agency effort to help 13 countries use isotopic techniques to assess groundwater origin and quality in five shared aquifers and basins, providing the first broad overview of the region’s groundwater supplies. Read more »
Project Stakeholders   Project Status
Members States supporting and participating in the project. View here
Peaceful Uses Initiative. Read more »

  Integrated and Sustainable Management of Shared Aquifer Systems and Basins of the Sahel Region, Final Coordination Meeting Report, 2016 English
Reports   Knowledge Sharing 
lullemeden Aquifer System Report  View here »
Liptako-Gourma-Upper Volta System Report
View here »
Senegalo-Mauritanian Basin Report View here »
Lake Chad Report  View here »
Taoudeni Basin Report  View here »

  Integrated Management of Water Resources: The IAEA-Supported Sahel Project in Africa: A Case Study (2017) Arabic | English | French | Chinese | Russian | Spanish
Connecting the dots: linking technical cooperation projects on transboundary groundwater resources in Africa. View here »
Event presentations. View here »
Groundwater Resources Map of Africa (BGR Hannover/ UNESCO). View here »
Groundwater Resources Map of the World (BGR Hannover/UNESCO). View here »
Groundwater in the Sahel region flyer. View here »
Isotope Hydrology. Read more »
Isotope Hydrology - The Fingerprints of Water.
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Web site articles. View here »
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Multimedia coverage of the project. View here

Responsible/Contact: Department of Technical Cooperation | Last update: 11 Aug, 2017

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