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Budget and Contributors

With PUI support, the technical cooperation programme is providing Member States participating in the project with science-based information and technical skills to improve their understanding and management of their water resources. This will allow rapid and reliable mapping of the transboundary groundwater resources located in the Sahel region. PUI grants are also helping to strengthen national capacities and enhance national capabilities by supporting the provision of training courses on isotope hydrology methods in water resources assessment and management, upgrading local laboratories for analysis of data, supporting laboratory services for analysis and interpretation of data, and technical assistance including expert missions and meetings to coordinate and monitor project activities.

The overall estimated project budget is €5 770 000. So far,  €0.5 million has been provided from the IAEA’s Technical Cooperation Fund, and approximately €1.2 million from the PUI has been mobilized. In-kind support for expert training has been pledged from Australia as well.

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