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Strengthening Radioactive Waste Management Capabilities

Dec 7, 2012

RER/9/107 – Strengthening Radioactive Waste Management Capabilities
Training Course on Predisposal Management of Radioactive Waste, 1 – 12 October 2012, Moscow and Sergiev Posad, Russian Federation


Participants attending the IAEA-MSU-RADON Training Courses
Twenty participants from nine  European and Central Asian Member States convened in Moscow and Sergiev Posad, Russian Federation, to attend a RER/9/107 TC Regional Training Course on "Predisposal Management of Radioactive Waste." The event was organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in collaboration with the Government of the Russian Federation through the Lomosonov Moscow State University and the State Unitary Enterprise Scientific and Industrial Association, "Radon".

The Training Course was organised under the framework of TC Project RER/9/107. The project aims at: (i) improving the technical capacity, efficiency and safety of existing waste management facilities; (ii) assisting responsible staff in defining efficient ways to improve existing waste management practices and to assist in the resolution of particular or common problems in participating countries; and (iii) upgrading technical knowledge of key operational personnel on specific practices, new developments and experiences in processing radioactive waste.


The objective of the Training Course was to provide the necessary theoretical and practical basis for professionals in the field of radioactive waste management and to acquaint them with current processing technologies that ensure the incorporation of best practices and approaches to safety.

Activities & Outcome

The two-week Training Course was held in accordance with the “Training Programme Syllabus” developed by the IAEA, WTS (Waste Technology Section) and WES (Waste Environmental Section). The training was based on the standardized IAEA training material: “Technical and Organizational Aspects of Radioactive Waste Management”, published by the IAEA in 2005 in Russian, and additional lectures and text book materials. The Training Course consisted of presentation and discussions on topics, lectures on waste management provided by lecturers recruited by the IAEA, and theoretical and best-practice lectures provided by lecturers from Moscow State University, Moscow SIA RADON and other institutes from the Russian Federation. The lecturers from the Russian Federation were all well-known specialists from academia and industry. The course was accompanied by hands-on exercises and demonstrations of the technologies in the field.


The main outcome was the improvement of knowledge in the use of the technological processes to ensure the effective processing of liquid and solid waste and safe management of sealed radioactive waste as a result of the introduction of advanced operating practices in effective predisposal and disposal technologies.
Professor Neveykin, DG of Moscow SIA “Radon”, delivering an introductory presentation to the Training Course Partipants


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