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NLO Meeting in Belgrade

Nov 27, 2013

National Liaison Officers and members of the TC Europe Division met in Belgrade on 14-15 November 2013.  The meeting was organized under the scope of the TC project RER/0/036:  Supporting Programme Review and Planning.
The Serbian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (SRPNA) hosted the event which was attended by 26 Member State representatives participating in the TC programme in Europe.  The meeting was chaired by the Director, TC Europe Division.
The first day of the meeting was devoted to a review of the implementation of the 2012-2013 regional projects.  In total, 33 projects were reviewed.  
The second day began with a review of the proposed regional projects for the next TC cycle 2014-2015 currently pending approval by the Board of Governors.  The proposed new regional programme is the outcome of discussions with Member States and analysis within the Secretariat.  This approach has resulted in a focused programme addressing the priority needs in the region.  
During the following session, the final draft of the Europe Regional Profile 2014 - 2017 was discussed.  Several comments and corrections were highlighted by participants and will soon be incorporated into the document prior to finalization.  The document was endorsed by the meeting participants.
Looking forward to the TC cycle 2016 – 2017, the final discussion examined the lessons learned from the preparation of the 2014 – 2015 programme.  

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