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TCAP NLO Meeting at the Hillinger Hotel in Vienna

Dec 14, 2009

The TCAP National Liaison Officers (NLO) Meeting was held from 9-11 December 2009 at the Hillinger Hotel in Vienna, to bring together the Division of Asia and the Pacific and its partners in the region represented by the NLOs, Assistants NLOs and Regional Agreement Representatives, to debate important matters and issues of direct importance to the IAEA –supported programmes in the region, both in the short and medium terms, and to identify actions to improve the programmes delivery at the national and regional level.

The meeting covered the following themes:

(i) Based on lessons learned from past and present practice - Assessed the effectiveness and relevance of the strategic planning approach and tools used in the region to capture national and regional priority needs and to design developmentally sound solutions to address them.

(ii) Identified areas for improvement in the region’s strategic planning approach, to propose implementable corrective measures and to make recommendations to both Member States and the IAEA.

(iii) Gained a common understanding about the significance and essential role of a regional programme framework as the main vehicle for guiding the IAEA (TCAP) and its partners in addressing effectively the region’s 2 development needs and challenges.

(iv) Agreed on a common strategy, vision and road map for developing TCAP regional programme framework, including modalities and milestones.

(v) Enhanced awareness and sensitized the participants about the IAEA initiatives related to Result-Based Management and how this concept can be used to enhance relevance and sustainability.

(vi) Assessed the regional initiatives and actions for enhancing regional cooperation though the regional Agreements and bilateral programmes and to propose actions to consolidate the role of the IAEA, Member States, the regional Agreements (RCA and ARASIA) and regional organizations and partners.

(vii) Discussied issues related to the design and formulation of the next technical cooperation programme for the programme cycle 2012/13 and to agree on related arrangements.

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