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32nd Regional Meeting of the Natl RCA Reps
32nd Regional Meeting of the Natl RCA Reps
32nd Regional Meeting of the Natl RCA Reps

May 28, 2010

The 32nd Regional Meeting of the representatives of the Governments of the parties to the Regional Cooperative Agreement (RCA) was held in Manila, Philippines on 27-30 April 2010. 45 delegates from the 17 RCA Member States and the RCA Regional Office located in the Republic of Korea attended the Meeting. The IAEA was represented by Mr Dazhu Yang, Director, Division for Asia and the Pacific, Department of Technical Cooperation and Mr. Prinath Dias, the RCA Focal Person.

The Meeting was declared open by Professor Fortunato de la Peña, the Undersecretary of the Department of Science of Technology of the Government of the Philippines and was chaired by Dr. Alumanda Dela Rosa, the Director of the Philippine Nuclear Research Centre and the National RCA Representative of the Philippines.

Among the main outcomes of the Meeting were the adoption of the RCA Strategic Priorities for 2012-2017, agreement on the RCA Programme for 2012-2013 TC cycle, review of the progress of the RCA Projects implemented in 2009, review of the RCA Annual Report for 2009, agreement of the revision of the RCA Guidelines and Operating Rules, review of the report on the external audit of the RCA Programme, approval of four RCA Success Stories for publication and the approval of the Work Plan of the RCA Regional Office. As per past practice persons responsible for implementation of the decisions taken were identified and a time frame was specified for all actions to be taken.

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