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Supporting infrastructure for introducing a nuclear power plant in Bangladesh: the IAEA assists with the review of regulatory guidance on site evaluation

Nov 18, 2013

From 6 to 15 November 2013, IAEA experts met with the counterparts from the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority to assist in the review of the draft regulatory guidance on site evaluation for safety of nuclear power plants.

The meeting took place at the IAEA’s headquarters and was organized by the International Seismic Safety Centre (ISSC) of the IAEA’s Department of Nuclear Safety and Security (NS) and the Division for Asia and the Pacific of the Department of Technical Cooperation (TCAP). It was held within the framework of a national project BGD2012 “Establishing Infrastructures for the Introduction of a Nuclear Power Plant”.

The draft document submitted by Bangladesh was reviewed by ISSC staff. Suggestions were made on modifications to align the draft document with the guidance and requirements of the IAEA Safety Standards allowing the document to serve as a guidance document.

This is a key step in the development of regulatory guidance documents for site assessment and for further development of detailed regulations for licencing the first Nuclear Power Plant.

Responsible/Contact: Department of Technical Cooperation | Last update: 10 Apr, 2015

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