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Introducing a Regional Learning Management System in KAERI for Asia and the Pacific region

Mar 25, 2013

Hands-on training at KAERI Nuclear Training and Education CentreThe Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) hosted a regional meeting on the topic of “Train-the-Trainers on the Regional Learning Management System (LMS),” on 5-8 March 2013. The meeting was organized under a regional technical cooperation project on “Supporting Nuclear Education and Training through e-Learning and Other Means of Advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICT)”. The meeting aimed to discuss national and regional approaches as well as the strategy for facilitating the use of the LMS and the e-learning material development.

The meeting demonstrated various features of the LMS functions, such as the course creation, students-enrollment, assignments, quizzes, monitoring and evaluation. The procedure to organize e-learning course material through the LMS was clarified and the role of the regional hub, the course creator, and teachers was discussed.

The meeting gathered together around thirty representatives from universities, training institutes, national authorities for education, and science and technology in eighteen IAEA Member States from Asia and the Pacific.

The new MOODLE-based LMS was designed and developed based on the experience and lessons learned from the Asian Network of Education in Nuclear Technology (ANENT), which is a regional partnership established in 2004, and supported by the IAEA. The e-learning system has already been installed in Argentina for LANENT, Ghana, for AFRA-NEST and the United Arab Emirates. The platform also aims to help Member States to exchange resources and information, and develop a database on nuclear educational and training programmes in their respective regions.

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