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RAS9056 RCM Strengthening Capabilities Protection of Public and Env

Apr 19, 2010

From 21–25 June 2010, the project RAS/9/056 Strengthening Capabilities for Protection of the Public and the Environment from Radiation Practices, will hold a Regional Coordination Meeting (RCM) on Strengthening Capabilities for Protection of the Public and the Environment from Radiation Practices.


This regional project follows up the activities of the former regional project on Strengthening Capabilities for Protection of the Public and the Environment from Radiation Practices (RAS/9/048) (2007-2008). This project addresses the Thematic Safety Area (TSA 4): Public Exposure Control of Radiation Protection Infrastructure. This will be the first RCM to be held under the project RAS/9/056.

The purpose of the RCM is to:

  • Discuss the progress achieved in the participating countries in establishing or upgrading public exposure control mechanisms (against the TSA 4 milestones)
  • Identify the need for IAEA support to the participating countries in 2010 and 2011
  • Adjust the project workplan according to the progress achieved and the needs identified
  • Provide a forum for discussion and exchange of experiences related to the development and implementation of the policies and strategies for radioactive waste management
  • Develop a regional project framework for the continuation of the TSA 4 related activities in the next cycle of the IAEA TC projects for the next five years

The RCM is also intended to:

  1. Expedite the process of upgrading radiation protection infrastructures to be in compliance with the applicable IAEA Safety Standards, and
  2. Help bridge gaps and bottle-necks in national programmes for radiation in this subject area


The meeting will be attended by one Government nominated National Project Coordinator (NPC) of RAS/9/056, preferably to be from a relevant national authority involved in Public Exposure Control. It is anticipated that the NPC will be fully mandated by the Government authorities to take decisions, including the allocation of resources, on matters concerning the implementation of the project.


A written comprehensive Country Status Report should be prepared by the Counterpart on the status of relevant programmes and activities in the areas referred to in the paragraph on the purpose of the meeting, and as defined by TSA 4. The Report should be prepared in English and should follow the requirements indicated in the Guidelines for the preparation of a Country Status Report, which will be provided after the nominations are received.

The representative of each Country should present the report through a Power Point presentation at the meeting using the Guidelines which will be provided separately. Each Report should cover the past, present and future activities and needs and prioritize areas requiring immediate implementation. In particular, it should cover activities on Public Exposure Control programme carried out since joining the IAEA related projects (former “Model Project on Upgrading Radiation Protection Infrastructure” and the RAS/9/048 project).

The deadline for submission of the Country Status Report and is 30 April 2010. The submission of the Report and presentation is prerequisite to the IAEA's supported participation in this regional event. Please email the report to Mr. LJUBENOV Vladan (v.ljubenov@iaea.org) and Mr. SHEN Xiankai (x.shen@iaea.org).

LOCATION: Bangkok, Thailand

MORE INFORMATION: See attached Prospectus

Responsible/Contact: Department of Technical Cooperation | Last update: 10 Apr, 2015

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