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RAS9054 RTC on Self-Assessment of Nat Reg Infra and RASIMS
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Apr 21, 2010

From 19-23 July 2010, the project RAS/9/054 Strengthening National Regulatory Infrastructures, will hold a Regional Training Course on Self-Assessment of National Regulatory Infrastructure and the Radiation Safety Information Management System (RASIMS).


The purpose of the training course is to:

  • provide the participants with a comprehensive understanding of the IAEA self-assessment methodology and the associated Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) software;
  • provide the participants with the competencies necessary for the effective implementation of a continuing self-assessment programme integrated with the management systems of their respective regulatory bodies;
  • provide the participants with a comprehensive understanding of the IAEA Radiation Safety Information Management System (RASIMS);
  • evaluate and revise the participant's country profiles using RASIMS, providing the basis for an analysis of each States’ regulatory infrastructure.


Candidates should be senior staff members of the national regulatory bodies.  Preference will be given to managers and senior staff who have responsibilities related to the implementation and management of the regulatory programme.

As the training course will be conducted in English, participants should have sufficient proficiency to follow lectures and express themselves in this language without difficulty.


The course will comprise of lectures, practical sessions and discussion/review sessions. The knowledge acquired during the course will be evaluated.

LOCATION: AELB Headquarters, Dengkil, Selangor, Malaysia

MORE INFORMATION: See attached Prospectus

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