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Training Courses on Self Assessment of Regulatory Infrastructures

Jun 17, 2009

The regional Training Course on Self Assessment Regulatory Infrastructures, organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency through the Technical Cooperation Project RAF/9/038 - Promoting Self Assessment of Regulatory Infrastructures for Safety and Networking of Regulatory Bodies in Africa (AFRA), has been launched on Monday 15 June 2009 in Abuja Nigeria.

30 participants from 14 African countries took part on this one week course which will contribute to build competence and develop practical skills related to the control of radiation sources and safety of nuclear applications in particular through the regular review of the effectiveness and efficiency of national regulatory programme using the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) developed by the IAEA for this purpose. Competent use of the SAT could be considered as a means of regular internal audit which will complement external appraisals carried out by the Agency using an international team.

As one of its mandate areas, IAEA has been assisting African Member States to establish quality management, including procedures and analysis of programme data to ensure the maintenance of an effective and efficient regulatory programme for the safety of radiation and nuclear applications and the current training course culminates the earlier IAEA intervention and believed to contribute for the continuous improvement of the performance of regulatory systems in Africa.

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