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Botswana signed the UNDAF 2010-2016 with the participation of IAEA

Sep 9, 2009

In the New National Development Plan NPD10 (2009-2016) the government of Botswana has attached due significance for the promotion of peaceful application of nuclear technology for sustainable development and the Agency contributed in the UN partners dialogue for the review of the NPD10.

Based on the agreed roadmap, the preparation of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) 2010-2016 has been completed in late 2008. The UNDAF document outlines how the UN System in Botswana will support, for the upcoming six years, the Government’s 10th National Development Plan (NDP 10). The five key result areas identified jointly with the Government, which are also to contribute to the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), are:

  • Governance and Human Rights Promotion
  • Economic Diversification and Poverty Reduction
  • Children, Youth and Women Empowerment.
  • Environment and Climate Change Mitigation
  • Health and HIV/AIDS.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) actively participated in the UNDAF process, comprising of, participation in the UNDAF Reference Group dialogue, identification of key result areas, mapping out the Agency Technical Cooperation activities and relating them to the key result areas, participation on the formulation of the UNDAF matrix and interagency capacity assessment exercise.

The IAEA participation and contribution is clearly outlined under the key result areas of Environment and Climate Change Mitigation and Health and HIV/AIDS. The final document reflecting the IAEA assistance and intervention areas have been signed by the Agency in January 2009.

The Government has recently launched the in-country process for the development of the second Country Programme Framework (CPF), which should identify for the period 2011-2015 the national priority needs to be addressed .through the IAEA Technical Cooperation Programme. During the upstream work for the CPF development, efforts will be made to align the CPF planning opportunities with the evolving development priorities of the country and the common UN response.

Responsible/Contact: Department of Technical Cooperation | Last update: 10 Apr, 2015

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