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Water and the environment success stories
How isotope techniques are contributing to the management of groundwater resources in the Gulfs of Morrosquillo and Urabá, Colombia English | Spanish
Advancing environmental monitoring in Slovakia
Using nuclear techniques to observe coral ecosystems and support climate change research
Improving the sustainable management of groundwater resources in Georgia
Building project management capacity for uranium legacy site remediation in Central Asia
Strengthening Capacity to Identify Harmful Algal Blooms  
Meeting the challenges of water resource management in Iraq
Assessing and managing groundwater in Ethiopia
Assessing aquifer interactions to support sustainable water resource management in Kuwait
Developing national capabilities to monitor and assess marine radioactivity in the Asia and the Pacific region
Cleaning up former iodine plants at the Absheron Peninsula, Azerbaijan
Evaluating the lakes of Argentina’s Nahuel Huapi National Park for mercury pollution
Using nuclear techniques to address coastal zone risks and vulnerabilities in Cuba
Supporting the cooperative management of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System  
Using isotopic techniques to assess water quality  in Asia and the Pacific region
Enhancing capabilities to monitor the marine coastal environment in ARASIA States Parties
Enhancing capabilities to treat wastewater using radiation processing technology in Hungary
Using nuclear techniques to support coastal zone management in the Caribbean region
Increasing access to safe drinking water in Madagascar
More crop per drop in Africa
Establishing a laboratory for monitoring pesticide residues and organic pollutants in Lebanon
Improving groundwater management and  protection in Lebanon
Improving air quality in Asia and the Pacific region
Using isotope hydrology for groundwater resource management in Thailand
Enhanced management of water resources through better evaluation of coastal aquifers in Latin America
Reducing the effects of harmful algal blooms (HABs) in El Salvador
Managing groundwater resources in Zambia
Monitoring freshwater quality in Asia and the Pacific
Protecting drinking water in Central Georgia
Monitoring NORM and other pollutants in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Strengthening environmental monitoring in Montenegro
Protecting and managing water resources in Algeria
Managing the legacy of uranium mining and milling in Central Asia
Strengthening the national environmental monitoring system in the marine ecosystem in Guatemala
Assessing radioactivity in the Gulf of Aqaba, Jordan
Monitoring the environment in Peruvian mining areas
Investigating and managing groundwater and geothermal resources in the Afar rift valley, Ethiopia
Sustainable development of groundwater resources in southern and eastern Africa
Identifying safe drinking water, Bangladesh
Sustainable development of the Upper Lempa River water basin: El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras
Nitrate and pesticide monitoring and modelling in Slovenia
Rehabilitating agricultural products from the territories affected by the 1986 accident at Chernobyl
Generating data for air quality management, Metro Manila, Philippines
Controlling air pollution in Mexico City
Using oysters as ‘marine sentinels’ to guard against poisoned seafood, Cuba

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