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Success Stories for MDG 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
Establishing a laboratory for monitoring veterinary drug residues in food of animal origin in Botswana
Enhancing vegetable production in the Seychelles
Increasing food production and income generation in Africa through better crop nutrition and soil and water management
Completing the high-energy analysis system for accelerator mass spectrometry at iThemba LABS in South Africa
Strengthening capabilities to monitor and control veterinary drug residues in food in Pakistan
Supporting area-wide integrated pest control of native and exotic flies in the Middle East
Enhancing crop productivity for sustainable food security in Bulgaria
Supporting fruit fly pest prevention in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean
Enhancing animal production and disease control in Uganda
Meeting the challenges of water resource management in Iraq
Building capacity to assess obesity in women in Myanmar
Preventing Brucellosis in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Harmonizing Activities of Regional Food Safety Laboratories Boosts Public Health and Trade in Latin America
Addressing malnutrition in Latin America and the Caribbean with nuclear techniques
Assessing and managing groundwater in Ethiopia
Enhancing the nutritional content of crops  in South Africa
Developing maize that is tolerant of drought and low soil fertility in Zambia
Assessing aquifer interactions to support sustainable water resource management in Kuwait
Improving crop quality in Europe and Central Asia
Introducing irradiation techniques into Uruguay
Responding to the transboundary threat of wheat black stem rust (Ug99)
Suppressing the melon fly in Mauritius
Increasing crop productivity in Sudan
Assessing childhood obesity using stable isotope techniques in Kuwait
Improving crop quality and stress tolerance in plants in Asia and the Pacific region
Meeting the challenges of food security with induced mutation breeding of crops in ARASIA States Parties
Using the sterile insect technique to improve produce for export in Latin America
Increasing access to safe drinking water in Madagascar
More crop per drop in Africa
Expanding the sterile insect technique (SIT) in  South Africa
Establishing a laboratory for monitoring pesticide residues and organic pollutants in Lebanon
Developing national capacity in radiation technology in Saudi Arabia
Using nuclear technology to support early warning and surveillance of avian influenza
Controlling brucellosis in animals and humans in Tajikistan
Supporting exclusive breastfeeding in the Dominican Republic
Harmonizing control standards for foods of animal origin in Latin America
Reducing the effects of harmful algal blooms (HABs) in El Salvador
Increasing crop production and addressing soil degradation in Mali
Improving crop, water and soil management in the coastal area of Bangladesh
Improving livestock productivity in Mongolia
Improving land use and soil conservation in Tajikistan
Detecting and managing cactus moth in Mexico
Promoting Pest-free Produce for Export in Guatemala
Enhancing the quality and yield of rice in Vietnam
Improving livestock production while conserving the environment in the Asia and Pacific region
Improving programmes for the reduction of childhood malnutrition in Latin America
Improving the common bean in Costa Rica
Improving livestock productivity through integrated techniques in Africa
Monitoring food fortification programmes in the Asia Pacific region using nuclear techniques
Controlling fascioliasis in Latin America
Eradicating tsetse fly from the Southern Rift Valley, Ethiopia
Developing drought resistant wheat for Kenya’s drylands
Using diagnostic kits to detect major animal diseases in Senegal
Eliminating fruit pests in South Africa
Developing drought tolerant sorghum for food, animal feed and the bioethanol industry, Indonesia
Breeding salt- tolerant rice, Pakistan
Enhancing genetic diversity in crops, Mongolia
Improving milk and beef production in Honduras
Increasing productivity in barley crops and native varieties of grain, Peru
Controlling fruit flies to boost the export of fruits and vegetables (Latin America)
Nitrate and pesticide monitoring and modelling in Slovenia
Radiation processing for materials and environmental applications, Algeria

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Responsible/Contact: Department of Technical Cooperation | Last update: 21 Oct, 2015

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