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Success stories in Latin America and the Caribbean
Controlling pest infestation in livestock and agriculture in Costa Rica
Increasing the genetic variability of rice in Colombia to secure food supply English | Spanish
How isotope techniques are contributing to the management of groundwater resources in the Gulfs of Morrosquillo and Urabá, Colombia English | Spanish
Controlling and eradicating the Mediterranean fruit fly in the Dominican Republic
Using non-destructive techniques to improve crime solving in Chile
Establishing radiation processing capacities in Costa Rica
Promoting Good Agricultural Practices in Costa Rica
Enhancing radioactive waste management in Cuba
Strengthening cancer treatment in Honduras
Improving cancer and cardiac disease management in Latin America and the Caribbean
Protecting the public and the environment from radioactive waste in Latin America
Improving the production of radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals in Chile
Cradle to grave control of radioactive sources in the Mediterranean region: an interregional approach
The science of communication in managing technical cooperation projects
Harmonizing Activities of Regional Food Safety Laboratories Boosts Public Health and Trade in Latin America
Addressing malnutrition in Latin America and the Caribbean with nuclear techniques
Strengthening radiation safety education and training in Latin America and the Caribbean
Improving cancer care in Uruguay with a linear accelerator
Evaluating the lakes of Argentina’s Nahuel Huapi National Park for mercury pollution
Using nuclear techniques to address coastal zone risks and vulnerabilities in Cuba
Establishing a national tissue bank in Ecuador
Introducing irradiation techniques into Uruguay
Using nuclear techniques to support coastal zone management in the Caribbean region
Protecting patients during medical exposure to radiation in Latin America
Using the sterile insect technique to improve produce for export in Latin America
Updating nuclear instrumentation knowledge in Latin America
Supporting the professional development of medical physicists in Latin America
Strengthening nuclear cardiology in Cuba
Supporting exclusive breastfeeding in the Dominican Republic
Harmonizing control standards for foods of animal origin in Latin America
Enhanced management of water resources through better evaluation of coastal aquifers in Latin America
Reducing the effects of harmful algal blooms (HABs) in El Salvador
Supporting product quality in Latin America
Detecting and managing cactus moth in Mexico
Promoting Pest-free Produce for Export in Guatemala
Treating cervical cancer in El Salvador
Strengthening national regulatory infrastructure for the control of radiation sources in Latin America and the Caribbean
Improving programmes for the reduction of childhood malnutrition in Latin America
Sterilizing human tissue in Uruguay
Completing the Atucha II Nuclear Power Plant in Argentina
Preserving cultural heritage artefacts in Latin America
Strengthening the safe management of radioactive waste in Latin America
Strengthening the national environmental monitoring system in the marine ecosystem in Guatemala
Monitoring the environment in Peruvian mining areas
Improving the common bean in Costa Rica
Producing hydrogel membranes to treat burns patients in Cuba
Controlling fascioliasis in Latin America
Screening for congenital abnormalities in newborns, Uruguay
Improving milk and beef production in Honduras
Increasing productivity in barley crops and native varieties of grain, Peru
Controlling fruit flies to boost the export of fruits and vegetables (Latin America)
Controlling air pollution in Mexico City
Using oysters as ‘marine sentinels’ to guard against poisoned seafood, Cuba
Human Health
Improving cancer care in the Dominican Republic
Enhancing nuclear medicine in Havana, Cuba
Sustainable development of the Upper Lempa River water basin: El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras
Assessing energy options and strategies in Mexico
Safe transport of nuclear and radioactive material in Latin America

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Responsible/Contact: Department of Technical Cooperation | Last update: 06 Dec, 2017

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