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Success stories in Europe
Establishing nuclear health services to improve the diagnosis of cancer in Azerbaijan
Advancing environmental monitoring in Slovakia
How partnerships contribute to education and training for medical practitioners in Europe
Building project management capacity for uranium legacy site remediation in Central Asia
Enhancing crop productivity for sustainable food security in Bulgaria
Improving the sustainable management of groundwater resources in Georgia
Supporting fruit fly pest prevention in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean
Stronger together: The IAEA and UN partners work with Albania to fight cancer
Enhancing training opportunities in nuclear engineering in Armenia
Preventing Brucellosis in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Developing human resources and infrastructure for nuclear power in Belarus
Establishing the first Biological Dosimetry Laboratory in Lithuania
Cleaning up former iodine plants at the Absheron Peninsula, Azerbaijan
Establishing a medical physics training centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Developing Nuclear Power Infrastructure  in the Europe Region
Improving crop quality in Europe and Central Asia
Strengthening clinical practice in nuclear medicine  in Europe
Preparing the next generation of radiation protection leaders in Europe
Improving Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste Management in Romania
Preparing to decommission nuclear facilities in Europe
Enhancing capabilities to treat wastewater using radiation processing technology in Hungary
Preserving Europe’s cultural heritage for the benefit of future generations
Optimizing bone marrow transplantation in Bulgaria
Expanding cancer treatment in Azerbaijan
Strengthening European research reactor safety and utilization
Using nuclear technology to support early warning and surveillance of avian influenza
Ensuring safe and effective radiotherapy in Europe
Strengthening capabilities in the application of nuclear safety assessment techniques in Europe
Controlling brucellosis in animals and humans in Tajikistan
Improving land use and soil conservation in Tajikistan
Monitoring NORM and other pollutants in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Strengthening environmental monitoring in Montenegro
Protecting drinking water in Central Georgia
Managing the legacy of uranium mining and milling in Central Asia
Improving non-destructive testing capabilities in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
Establishing radiological and nuclear emergency response capabilities in Europe
Research reactor fuel repatriation in Europe
Improving the quality of medical physics and radiotherapy in Lithuania
Protecting cultural heritage artefacts in the Mediterranean region
Expanding microanalytical capabilities in Slovenia
Improving the quality and safety of radiotherapy services in Europe
Nitrate and pesticide monitoring and modelling in Slovenia
Rehabilitating agricultural products from the territories affected by the 1986 accident at Chernobyl
Speeding up diagnostics with modern imaging technology in the Czech Republic
Establishing a training centre for the Paks nuclear power plant in Hungary
Conserving cultural heritage in Croatia
Strengthening regulatory capabilities and radiation protection in Lithuania

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Responsible/Contact: Department of Technical Cooperation | Last update: 06 Dec, 2017

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