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Our work with the EC

The institutions of the European Union, in particular the European Commission (EC), play an important role in development cooperation policy and financing, and are important strategic partners for the IAEA’s technical cooperation (TC) programme.

The longest standing area of cooperation between the EC and the TC programme is nuclear safety – the first Contribution Agreement between the TC programme and the EC for a project in this area was signed in 2005. The IAEA has since signed a number of Contribution Agreements with the EC, under the auspices of the EU Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States programme (TACIS), the Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation (INSC), the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), and the Instrument for Stability (IfS), amongst others.  

These Agreements aim to support the implementation of regional and interregional projects to address Member States’ development needs in the field of nuclear safety.   The projects address Member State needs in nuclear safety in areas such as radiation protection, safe management of radioactive waste, nuclear safety culture and emergency preparedness and response.

Since 2011, the IAEA has made a sustained effort to develop partnerships with EU institutions in other areas, in particular the specific development fields of food and agriculture, water and the environment, and health.  

Current projects receiving EU financial contributions: View here

Resources and articles

IAEA supports Member States in studying options for radioactive waste management in Asia and the Pacific
Regional Workshop on Drafting Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material
Successful conclusion of the First School of Radiation Emergency Management
Disused, disposed: IAEA supports Madagascar in managing disused radioactive sources
Safe travels: IAEA concludes regional meeting to review progress in transport safety
On the safe side: IAEA organizes Second School for Drafting Radiation Safety Regulations in Asia and the Pacific
Opening Ceremony of the First School of Radiation Emergency Management in Latin America and the Caribbean
With EU Support, the IEC and TC programme strengthen emergency preparedness globally
The First School of Radiation Emergency Management in Latin America and the Caribbean is ready to open its doors
Reviewing emergency preparedness across the African region
Back to School: European training specialists receive briefing on the newest nuclear safety training course
Improving radioactive waste management in Africa
Latin American countries strengthen their reference systems for the safe management of radioactive waste
Cultural change for Nuclear Safety: IAEA’s Safety Culture Continuous Improvement Process (SCCIP) successfully implemented at Laguna Verde NPP

Paving the way towards the future: IAEA, Member States and partners review cradle-to-grave radioactive source management project

EU support to the efforts in the establishment of Compliance Assurance Regime for Safe Transport of Radioactive Material in Asia and the Pacific Region

Haste makes waste: IAEA and European Commission contribute to a thorough remediation of radioactive waste
Video: From the Cradle to the Grave - Paving the Way for the Control of Radioactive Sources
Regional Training Course on Regulatory Enforcements
Standardizing biodosimetry methodologies used during radiological emergencies though IAEA and Latin American Biological Dosimetry Network collaboration
Regional Workshop on the Improvement of Compliance Assurance Regime for Transport Safety of Radioactive Material
Regional Training Course on Radiation Protection in the Oil and Gas Industry
Helping to Avoid Hazards: EU-funded workshop trains national counterparts in waste disposal
Strengthening Cradle-to-Grave Control of Radioactive Sources:
IAEA Organizes Hands-On Training in Conditioning Disused Radioactive Sources
Strengthening education and training infrastructure, and building competence in radiation safety in Africa
Podcast: Conditioning Disused Radioactive Sources
Photos: Conditioning of Radioactive Sources in Montenegro - IAEA Mission in June 2014
Video: Conditioning of Radioactive Sources in Montenegro - Interview with Janos Balla
Advanced Training Course on the Application of RAIS 3.3 Web for Management of Regulatory Programme
Regional Workshop on Occupational Radiation Protection and ALARA in Waste Management
Report on the IAEA special session at the 55th annual meeting of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management
IAEA TC Programme to host side event at 55th INMM Meeting on cradle-to-grave source management
Workshop on Establishing a Register of Radiation Sources Based on the Regulatory Authority Information System (RAIS)
EU-funded Capacity Building Activities in the Asia and the Pacific Region to Strengthen and Harmonize National Capabilities to Respond to Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies
Promoting nuclear and radiation safety, with support from the European Commission, in Asia and the Pacific region
EU support to the efforts in the establishment of National Compliance Assurance Regime for Safe Transport of Radioactive Material in Asia and the Pacific Region
Regional Training Course on the Assessment of Occupational Exposures due to External Sources of Radiation
Enhancing nuclear reactor safety in Africa: the IAEA conducts an Integrated Nuclear Safety Assessment of Research Reactors (INSARR) mission in South Africa with EC support

Discussing results and future plans for strengthening cradle-to-grave control of radioactive sources in the Mediterranean Region
IAEA organizes a workshop to discuss regulatory control for the safe management of Sealed Radioactive Sources
Managing Disused Radioactive Sources: IAEA trains operators in Egypt, recovers source in Sierra Leone
Curso regional de capacitación sobre identificación, caracterización y registro de fuentes radiactivas selladas en desuso (RLA9068/001)
Curso regional sobre protección radiológica ocupacional en aplicaciones médicas e industriales (RLA9066/003)
Training national operators in Egypt to condition low activity radioactive sources for safe and secure storage
The IAEA launches PIANOS, the Ibero-American Platform for Operators in the Area of Nuclear Safety
New contribution agreement signed between the European Commission and the IAEA
Promoting operational radiation safety of research reactors in Africa, with EU support: Workshop on ‘Operational Radiological Protection Programme for Research Reactors’ takes place in Vienna
IAEA Organizes Schools to Improve National Regulations on Nuclear and Radiation Safety
Promoting effective independent regulatory supervision of research reactor safety in Africa, with EU support: Workshop on ‘Regulatory Supervision of Research Reactors’ takes place in Vienna
Strengthening “cradle to grave” control of radioactive sources, including “orphan” sources, in the Mediterranean region, with EU support
Photo essay: Cradle-to-grave: managing disused sealed radioactive sources in the Mediterranean region
A first regional workshop to strengthen radiation safety culture in the Latin American and the Caribbean region has been held in Mexico City, with the EU support

Brochure: Peaceful uses of nuclear technology European Union international cooperation

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