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PACT multimedia

Videos and photo essays


16 February 2016 | IAEA World Cancer Day 2016

16 February 2016 | World Cancer Day 2016 -- Interviewing Dr Zielinski and Dr Abdel-Wahab

4 February 2016 | World Cancer Day 2016 - Message from IAEA Director General

26 February 2015 | Ten Years of PACT

20 November 2015 | Access to Cancer Therapy
17 February 2015 | Projecting the future
On February 3-5, 2015, the IAEA marked World Cancer Day with a large projection on the external wall of the Vienna International Centre.

4 February 2015 | Coping with Cancer – Viet Nam’s Story
4 February 2015 | World Cancer Day 2015 - IAEA Director General Statement

20 November 2015 | Introductory Statement to Board of Governors - Cancer Care and Control
17 November 2014 | Access is everything: Radiotherapy equipment manufacturers and end-users from low and middle
income countries (LMICs) attend the 5th AGaRT meeting

4 February 2014 | World Cancer Day 2014 - Statement by Kwaku Aning
3 February 2014 | Coping with Cancer -
Viet Nam's Story

9 January 2014 | Cancer Control – IAEA's Contribution
4 February 2013 | Ambassador of Sudan Attends IAEA World Cancer Day 2013 Event

4 February 2013 | Did You Know?
IAEA Helps Fight Cancer
3 July 2012 | Inside an imPACT Mission: Addressing Cancer Capacities and Needs

2 February 2012 | World Cancer Day 2012 - IAEA Director General Statement
2 February 2012 | A montage from an event held in Vienna by the IAEA and its partners on 2 February 2011 to commemorate World Cancer Day 2012.

22 March 2011 | The Cancer Epidemic
24 July 2008 | In Vietnam, Alongside Progress, a Battle for Life

21 June 2007 | Tanzania's cancer centre works to save lives
28 March 2006 | Cancer Care in Nicaragua

Podcasts and UN radio coverage

4 February 2015 | World Cancer Day
The IAEA Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT) programme supports the development and implementation of comprehensive national cancer control programmes in Member States. To mark World Cancer Day on 4 February, Steve Thachet spoke to Nelly Enwerem-Bromson, the Director of PAC
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16 April 2014 | Nuclear Science in Cancer Treatment
Radiation Oncology is a medical method used for treating cancer. The Agency provides its Member States with the assistance needed to build the infrastructure and train personnel to implement the treatment.
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17 February 2014 | Ask the Experts: Fight Against Cancer
The IAEA has been working for over four decades to bring affordable cancer therapy technology to its Member States through various programmes and partnerships.
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4 February 2014 | World Cancer Day: IAEA to spearhead the fight against cancer
The IAEA promotes technical radiology and radiotherapy to reduce the burden of disease attributable to cancer, in collaboration with its partners.
  Listen to UN radio report (French)
4 February 2014 | IAEA dismisses myths about cancer
Dr Hania Morsi, Founder and Chairman, Khartoum Breast Cancer Centre, who recently participated at the IAEA World Cancer Day event, explained about how cancer has become one of the biggest causes of death in the world and challenges facing proper diagnosis in developing countries.
  Listen to UN radio report (Arabic)

3 February 2014 | Facilitating Affordable Cancer Care
Radiotherapy is one of the essential components of treatment for many forms of cancer. The IAEA is working with manufactures and medical experts to bring affordable radiotherapy to developing countries.
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8 November 2013 | Going Online to Fight Cancer
The VUCCnet is the programme initiated by the IAEA Programme of Action for Cancer Treatment (PACT) to help train healthcare workers in Africa. The VUCCnet will offer an e-learning platform to train the healthcare workers in cancer care and treatment.
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