The 3rd meeting of SAGTAC VI, the Standing Advisory Group on Technical Assistance and Cooperation

The 3rd meeting of SAGTAC VI, the Standing Advisory group on Technical Assistance and Cooperation, has just concluded a week long meeting in Vienna, Austria, at the headquarters of the IAEA.
SAGTAC advises the Director General of the IAEA on technical cooperation policy and strategy, and provides advice on enhancing scientific and technological benefits for IAEA Member States.
To support their discussions, the SAGTAC members were given briefings on various aspects of the IAEA’s technical cooperation programme.
The SAGTAC members also visited the IAEA laboratories at Seibersdorf.
The SAGTAC members visited the Animal Production and Health Laboratory to hear first hand about the work that the IAEA is carrying out to help Member States  improve their livestock.
They also visited the Insect Pest Control Laboratory  where they learned about the Sterile Insect Technique, an environmentally friendly approach to pest control based on the release of sterilised male flies.
At the Plant Breeding and Genetics Laboratory, SAGTAC members had the opportunity to see how nuclear technology can produce stronger, more nutritious, or pest resistant crop varieties.
They learned how integrated approaches to agriculture, combining improved plants, efficient irrigation and fertilisation, and better soil management, can help Member States to address the challenge of food security. 
In his closing statement, Mr Aning, Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation, thanked the members of SAGTAC for their dedication to the IAEA’s technical cooperation work. 
SAGTAC members are appointed by the Director General. They are drawn from national authorities, nuclear research and technological centres, academic institutions, international organizations and multilateral agencies. The members serve in a personal capacity and not as representatives of a government or organization.<br>Photos: Omar Yusuf/Seibersdorf
Text and design: Eleanor Cody and Harsha Ramesh