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As a training course participant

The Agency organizes interregional and regional training courses and supports national training courses in cooperation with its Member States. Training courses are offered in different fields of peaceful uses and application of nuclear energy and nuclear technology.

The Agency takes the major responsibility for actual administration of the training courses, provision of a scientific adviser, lecturers and if applicable, of equipment. Generally invitation letters announcing these courses to relevant Member States and giving all necessary details about them are issued by the Agency.

The host country provides the Course Director and local support for training courses administration.

Applying for a training course

The IAEA application forms for training course participants must be submitted to the Agency through governmental channels and priority is given to requests associated with projects of direct benefit to the Member States.
For more information please refer to InTouch+.

All potential applicants are encouraged to apply online using InTouch+. However, for users with a lower bandwidth, nomination forms etc. are available to download in the links below:

Download the Nomination Form for Training Courses
As PDF - English | French | Spanish
As a Word document - English | FrenchSpanish

Guide for Cigna Group Medical Insurance Scheme - English | FrenchSpanish
Cigna Group Medical Insurance Scheme claim form - English

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