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WNU School on Radiation Technologies

Applications are invited for the 4th WNU School on Radiation Technologies 2017, which will be held 16-27 October 2017, at São Paulo, Brazil. Deadline of 3 February 2017 for applicants seeking IAEA support  or 16 June 2017 for applicants funded by their employer.

The WNU School on Radiation Technologies (RT School) is a leadership development programme aimed at young professionals involved in the radiation field.

Selected applicants will develop a broad overview of the field of radioisotopes and radiation technologies as well as the main issues encountered by practitioners in this area. During the programme, participants will also enjoy the opportunity to develop a worldwide network of contacts of unique value to their current and long-term careers.

The RT School’s intensive two-week programme features:

• Lectures by prominent experts in radioisotopes and radiation technologies

• Presentations by distinguished speakers

• Small-group work led by mentors, where participants analyse case studies and develop
proposals for resolving RT-related issues

• Technical visits to RT-related sites including medical and oil and gas processing facilities.

The WNU is a partnership of four Founding Supporters and a network of the world’s leading institutions of nuclear learning.

Click here to view the WNU School on Radiation Technologies announcement.

The IAEA provides financial support to a limited number of participants from developing countries. Applications should be made directly to The WNU School on Radiation Technologies

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