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Making headways towards radiation protection of patients: IAEA partners with the Spanish Joint Congress to improve patient protection
2 July 2015 | With IAEA support, the Spanish Society of Radiation Protection (SEPR) and the Spanish Society of Medical Physicists (SEFM) have co-organized a Congress, held in Valencia, Spain from 23-26 June, in order to consider the pivotal role of safety in their medical domain. Read more»
Controlling avian flu in West Africa: nuclear-derived techniques enable early detection of outbreaks
1 July 2015 | Following the recent outbreak of avian flu in Cote d’Ivoire, the IAEA – through its partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) – is helping West African countries in the early and accurate detection of the virus using nuclear-derived techniques. Read more»
Planning for tomorrow: With IAEA support, PLAN 2015 welcomes aspiring nutritionists
16 June 2015 | Held from 6 to 13 June at the Ibn Tofail University in Kenitra, Morocco, this year’s African Nutrition Leadership Programme seminar enjoyed the participation of over 30 African participants, all eager to build on their existing skills and capacities. Read more»
IAEA Impact: Sri Lanka Proves Radioactivity Is Not An Issue In Its Coastal Waters
16 June 2015 | Over one million Sri Lankans rely on the sea for their income, and about half of the animal protein intake of the island’s population comes from fish. The sea provides the inhabitants of the country with livelihoods, day-to-day nutrition, or both. Read more»
Communication is key: Building awareness and engagement with Basic Safety Standards in Latin America and the Caribbean
12 June 2015 | A meeting was held from 1-5 June to elaborate a communication strategy to foster and encourage the implementation of the new safety standards. Both Member State counterparts and external experts were invited to participate in the meeting—held at the IAEA’s Vienna headquarters—including Mr Francis Contreras, the Honduran Vice Minister of Health. Read more»
Learning from experience: 2015 collection of IAEA technical cooperation best practices begins
12 June 2015 | Submissions are now sought for the 2015 best practice collection. The best practice submission should describe how an issue or problem has been addressed, how effective the approach was, and what lessons were learned. Read more»
World Environment Day: IAEA Supports the Seychelles with Irrigation and Soil Management
5 June 2015 | An IAEA school currently under way in Japan serves as an effective response tool to overcome one of the major challenges in the nuclear sector: Bridging the gap of management experience and knowledge between the industry’s veterans and the professionals who will succeed them. Read more»
Strategic partnership against cancer: IAEA and OiER join hands to confront the global cancer epidemic
1 June 2015 | As part of its efforts to expand this cooperation and to contribute further to international cancer control, PACT entered into a Practical Arrangement with the Organization for International Economic Relations. Read more»

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