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Highlights and news archive
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Ensuring Safe Drinking Water Worldwide and Studying the Environmental Behaviour of Radio-Caesium
10 March 2017 | In February 2017, the IAEA hosted a three day data evaluation workshop in follow up to an earlier goal oriented proficiency test at its headquarters in Vienna, Austria, helping to build capacities in Member States from the Europe region in measuring low-activity radio-caesium in freshwater. Read more»
The IAEA Internet Reactor Laboratory (IRL) Programme is Expanding to Africa
10 March 2017 | Nuclear engineers and technicians from the Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission are now able to participate in live reactor experiments at a reactor facility in France, using the IAEA’s Internet Research Reactor (IRL) programme. Read more»
New Year, Fresh Look: ARCAL Launches a New Website
9 March 2017 | The Regional Cooperation Agreement for the Promotion of Nuclear Science and Technology in Latin America and the Caribbean (ARCAL) and its Member States have launched a new website recently, where visitors can learn more about the Regional Cooperation Agreement and its activities. Read more»
Making Nuclear Power Plants Safer – Final Coordination Meeting of Regional Project Takes Place
3 March 2017 | National counterparts from Brazil, Mexico and Argentina gathered this week at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna, to participate in the Final Coordination Meeting of regional project RLA9080, ‘Enhancing Nuclear Power Plant Life Management and Safety Culture Practices’. Read more»
Bangladesh Triples Rice Production with Help of Nuclear Science: Conference on Technical Cooperation
3 March 2017 | Mymensingh, Bangladesh — New varieties of rice made using nuclear techniques have helped Bangladesh increase its rice production three-fold in the last few decades. This in turn has enabled the country to stay one step ahead of its rapid population growth. Read more»
Regional Training Course On National Register For Radiation Sources Including Regulatory Authority Information System Held in Trinidad and Tobago
1 March 2017 | A regional training course on the National Register for Radiation Sources Including Regulatory Authority Information System (RAIS) 3.4 Web has been held in Trinidad and Tobago from 23 to 27 January, 2017. Read more»
Training Opportunities Increase for Developing Country Radiologists
28 February 2017 | More radiologists from developing countries will have access to state-of-the-art training in Europe, thanks to an agreement signed today between the IAEA and the European Society of Radiology (ESR). Read more»
First School for Drafting Regulations on Radiation Safety for IAEA Member States from the Caribbean Takes Place at IAEA Headquarters
16 February 2017 | The first School for Drafting Regulations on Radiation Safety for IAEA Member States from the Caribbean has taken place from 16-27 January 2017 in Vienna, Austria. Read more»
Zambia Signs its Fourth Country Programme Framework (CPF) for 2016–2021
16 February 2017 | Honourable Professor Nkandu Luo, MP, Minister of Higher Education and Mr Dazhu Yang, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation, have signed Zambia’s Country Programme Framework (CPF) for the period of 2016–2021.  Read more»
Japan to Support Use of NDT Technology for Recovery from Earthquakes, Floods in Asia and the Pacific
15 February 2017 | Japan is contributing US$ 725,200 towards a new IAEA initiative to use nuclear technology for the verification of the integrity of buildings following earthquakes and other natural disasters. Read more»
3D Radiotherapy Increases Effectiveness and Safety of Cancer Treatment in Tanzania
10 February 2017 | Tanzanian doctors are now able to deliver more precise radiation treatment for cancer patients with less damage to healthy tissue. Read more»
Two African Students Supported by IAEA Receive Science Award
9 February 2017 | Two African students who had benefited from IAEA support have received a Young Scientist of the Year award. Read more»
IAEA Spearheading Training Programmes on Small Modular Reactors
6 February 2017 | With increased global demand for alternative energy sources, many developing countries are considering the introduction of nuclear power programmes to meet growing energy needs. Read more»
World Cancer Day 2017: Key Panellists Share their Experience
3 February 2017 | Improving access to cancer treatment in developing countries requires strong political commitment and effective public-private strategic partnerships. This was the conclusion of a panel discussion at IAEA Headquarters in Vienna today to mark World Cancer Day 2017. Read more»
World Cancer Day: Belize Focuses on Increasing Access to Care
2 February 2017 | Belize, a country of just 330,000 inhabitants and limited resources, is bringing cancer care to the fore. In the run up to World Cancer Day —taking place on 4 February 2017— First Lady Kim Simplis Barrow is speaking up for change and is campaigning to increase access to cancer care, based on recommendations from the IAEA. Read more»
Conference on Technical Cooperation: Partnerships and Atoms for Peace and Development
1 February 2017 | Partnerships with Member States are at the heart of the IAEA’s activities. They help countries use nuclear science to meet their development targets and achieve lasting impact. Further improving partnerships will be a key theme at the IAEA Technical Cooperation Conference from 30 May to 1 June in Vienna. Read more»
Safer Seafood: IAEA Develops Tools to Help Fight Toxic Algal Toxins
31 January 2017 | When tiny marine organisms grow uncontrolled, forming what is called a harmful algal bloom, their toxins can make people sick, harm ocean life and cause millions of dollars in lost seafood revenues. Read more»
Planning Ahead: Workshop on Nuclear Safety and Future Projects in Latin America and the Caribbean
30 January 2017 | This month, the IAEA held a workshop to design two regional projects on radiation safety in Latin America and the Caribbean, based on a radiation safety assessment of the region and the regional priorities defined for the 2018-2019 technical cooperation programme cycle. Read more»
IAEA Briefs: New Series for Policymakers
27 January 2017 | The IAEA launched a new publication series — the IAEA Briefs — to inform decision makers on how they can best make use of its services to enhance capacity and support development. Read more»
Mexico Signs a Country Programme Framework (CPF) for 2016-2021
26 January 2017 | HE Amb. Alicia Buenrostro Massieu, Resident Representative Permanent Mission of Mexico, and Mr Dazhu Yang, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation, have signed Mexico’s Country Programme Framework (CPF) for the period of 2016-2021. Read more»
Burkina Faso Signs its Third Country Programme Framework (CPF) for 2017–2022
26 January 2017 | Mr Filiga Michel Sawadogo, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation and Mr Dazhu Yang, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation, have signed Burkina Faso’s Country Programme Framework for the period of 2017–2022. Read more»
EC-IAEA Cooperation on its Action Plan on Nuclear Safety Continues
25 January 2017 | The European Union (EU), represented by the European Commission (EC), and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have recently concluded a delegation agreement: INSC/2016/378-378 amounting to EUR 3.5 million. Read more»
Nuclear to Help Chilean Police Investigate Case of Damaged Christ Figure
24 January 2017 | Uncovering the age and origin of a vandalized statue of Christ in Chile could come down to atoms. Chile’s Crime Investigation Police (PDI), trained and equipped with the help of the IAEA, are using nuclear techniques to study the remnants of the figure damaged during a student protest in June 2016 in the capital Santiago de Chile. Read more»
Sierra Leone Recognizes Cancer as Public Health Emergency
19 January 2017 | After years of violence and the devastation of Ebola, Sierra Leone’s health professionals can finally look beyond urgent crises. The government is now turning its attention to the increasing number of citizens suffering from cancer and has decided to set up a radiotherapy and nuclear medicine service in a new hospital close to Freetown, with support from the IAEA. Read more»
Regional Expert Meeting Takes Place in Uruguay
19 January 2017 | Thirty-five nuclear regulators and operators from national regulatory authorities, technical support organizations and national organizations from 19 Member States of the Latin American region have taken part in a regional expert meeting in Uruguay. Read more»
Managing Water Resources: Bolivia Uncovers Aquifer's Secrets With Nuclear Technology
17 January 2017 | Despite centuries of supplying water to the cities of El Alto and Viacha near the capital of La Paz, little had been known about Purapurani until recently. Scientists are now using isotopic techniques to gather key information about the age, quality and source of this water hidden underground, information that will allow them to better plan its use. Read more»
Myanmar Uses Nuclear Techniques to Improve Industrial Processes
13 January 2017 | Yangon, Myanmar – Experts are rolling out the use of nuclear technology in industrial testing across Myanmar, following the successful implementation of the technique in the oil and gas sector. Read more»
Final Project Review Meeting on the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material
12 January 2017 | The IAEA has held a regional meeting on the development of regulatory infrastructure and sustainable networks for the safe transport of radioactive material in Bangkok, Thailand, from 24-28 October 2016. Read more»
Better Planning, Better Projects: Regional Workshop on Project Design Takes Place in Jamaica
11 January 2017 | A regional workshop on project design using the Logical Framework Approach has been held in Kingston, Jamaica, from 5 to 9 December 2016. Read more»
Looking Ahead: Important 2017 Events at the IAEA
3 January 2017 | What's ahead for the IAEA and the global nuclear agenda in 2017? Here is a preview of selected meetings and events. Read more»


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