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Applications sought for participation in the 22nd Women in Nuclear Global Annual Conference in Sydney, Australia

30 May 2014

The 22nd Women in Nuclear (WiN) Global Annual Conference is taking place from 22-24 October 2014 in Sydney, Australia. Each year, the conference brings together women involved in all applications of nuclear science and technology, whether they work in industry, as independent researchers or with regulatory authorities.

The event presents a unique opportunity to network, exchange thoughts, and visit technical facilities. Over the course of three days, participants will have the opportunity to attend technical conferences, workshops and cultural tours, all with the aim of expanding their knowledge and their professional network.

Young, female nuclear professionals (under the age of 40) are invited to apply for IAEA support to attend the conference. The participants will be asked to prepare a poster related to their work – in particular their work as it relates to a TC project in their country – and to present it during one of the Conference’s technical sessions. 

Nominations for the conference should be submitted to the IAEA online through the TC programme’s InTouch system (http://intouch.iaea.org), or if this is not possible, by using the nomination forms available on the IAEA website at http://www.iaea.org/technicalcooperation/How-to-take-part/In-meetings-WS/index.html. Please note that completed forms should be endorsed by the relevant national authorities and returned to the IAEA through the office of the National Liaison Officer no later than 20 June 2014. Nominations received after the deadline or which have not passed through the official NLO channel cannot be considered.

Applicants must also register with WiN directly at http://www.winaustralia.org, this can be done in parallel with their application for IAEA support.

Responsible/Contact: Department of Technical Cooperation | Last update: 10 Apr, 2015

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