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Enhancing education in the peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology with WNU

19 February 2014
On 5 February 2014, Patricia Wieland, Head of the World Nuclear University (WNU) visited the IAEA headquarters and met with Ana. C. Raffo-Caiado, Director of Programme Support and Coordination, Department of Technical Cooperation, to discuss continued cooperation between the WNU and the IAEA.

The IAEA, one of the “Founding Supporters" of the WNU, supports both the WNU Summer Institute and the WNU Radiation Technologies School through its technical cooperation programme, sponsoring a limited number of fellows each year to attend the courses.

The WNU is a global partnership committed to enhancing international education and leadership in the peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology. WNU programmes have focused on building nuclear leadership and providing orientation on the main issues that affect the global nuclear industry today. Over 3500 nuclear professionals and students from over 60 countries have participated in such programmes.

Patricia Wieland, Head of the WNU said “The IAEA is a founding supporter of the WNU and since the beginning we have lots of interaction. The IAEA sends lecturers and supports fellows from developing countries who otherwise could not attend.”

Listen to more about the university’s work and cooperation with the IAEA. Listen to podcast >>

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