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The IAEA launches PIANOS, the Ibero-American Platform for Operators in the Area of Nuclear Safety

19 July 2013
On 10 July 2013, the IAEA held a ceremony to launch PIANOS, the Ibero-American Platform for Operators in the Area of Nuclear Safety, which is a web-based platform, (that supports collaboration and knowledge sharing among professionals working in Latin American nuclear power utilities. The ceremony was held in the IAEA’s headquarters in Vienna, with, nuclear power plant operators in Brazil and Mexico and an electric utility in Spain participating via video conference. The event brought together high-level representatives of the participating countries, including delegates of the permanent missions and the European Union (EU), as well as IAEA officials. The launching of PIANOS represents a major step forward in supporting active communication among nuclear operators in the region.

Luis Longoria, Director of the Division for Latin America of the IAEA’s Department of Technical Cooperation, who took part in the ceremony, said: “Cooperation among operators, by sharing experience and knowledge, has proven to be an efficient way to identify and set best practices, learn from others and find common solutions to address safety challenges”.

Enhancing safety culture with real-time communication between nuclear operators

PIANOS is an interactive platform, and allows experts to exchange information on safety matters and good practices in real-time and in several languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese. PIANOS will help nuclear power plant operators to stay connected and to address safety  challenges as they arise, thus enhancing safety culture in in the countries of Latin America that are operating nuclear power plants.

“Fostering a dialogue among operators can aid in finding solutions fast”, explained Denis Flory, the IAEA Deputy Director General for the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security.

The platform offers three main services, including an online library of publications and safety standards, ‘blogs for topic specific content and an open forum for safety-related discussions. In addition, PIANOS allows users to create personalized profile pages, and provides interactive networking opportunities.

“This is of special benefit to operators, given financial constraints and travelling logistics. Professionals can quickly and easily exchange information through PIANOS, shortening the distance, time and costs between problems and solutions”, Mr Flory added.
PIANOS is hosted on the Global Nuclear Safety Network and is managed by the IAEA’s Department of Nuclear Safety and Security (NS). It can be accessed by registered users at: http://gnssn.iaea.org/sites/pianos/Pages/default.aspx. Interested individuals from operators of nuclear power plants can register by following the steps outlined in the registration help. The platform was initially intended for Latin American countries operating nuclear power plants (namely Argentina, Brazil and Mexico), but will soon also be opened for users from Spanish operators to further enhance the international exchange of safety culture information.

“I believe that PIANOS platform is a good example of how to use information technology and information management systems to facilitate cooperation, in this particular case between nuclear operators”, said H.E. Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Brazil, Laércio Antonio Vinhas.

PIANOS – a successful joint IAEA-EC project

The platform has been developed within the framework of the IAEA’s technical cooperation project, ‘Enhancing Operational Safety in Nuclear Installation in Latin America’, and has been supported by funds of the European Commission (EC).

The EC has worked closely with the IAEA in the area of nuclear safety for nearly a decade, aiming to capitalize on synergies in this area. Activities are carried out within the framework of a series of cooperation agreements, which define the objectives and activities to be carried out and commit EC resources to TC projects aiming to enhance safety culture across nuclear industry.

PIANOS is one of the most significant outcomes of this successful collaboration and is framed within the scope of a cooperation agreement signed in 2010. The IAEA’s cooperation with the EC in the area of operational safety of the nuclear power plants in Latin America will continue under the umbrella of a new cooperation agreement signed on 21 June 2013.

Read more about PIANOS: http://www-ns.iaea.org/coordination/pianos.asp

Responsible/Contact: Department of Technical Cooperation | Last update: 19 Jul, 2013

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