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TC participates in Vienna’s Daughters’ Day

On Thursday 25 April, the Department of Technical Cooperation took part in IAEA activities for the annual Vienna Daughters’ Day (Wiener Töchtertag). Young daughters of staff members, aged from 11 to 16 years, were invited to spend the day at the IAEA to learn about their parents’ work. Technical cooperation was one of the topics covered during the visit, which also included other technical areas of the IAEA, such as nuclear security, the Incident and Emergency Centre, and the IAEA print shop.

For the technical cooperation part of the programme, the girls met Eleanor Cody, Communication Advisor for the TC Department, who described the work of the Department and the technical cooperation programme, and explained the development areas it supports. These include human health, food and agriculture, environment and water resource management, as well as nuclear safety and security around the world. The IAEA daughters also met three female Programme Management Officers (PMOs) who explained their everyday work, and how nuclear science and technology can help Member States to safely use nuclear science and technology for national socioeconomic development.

The IAEA’s technical cooperation programme supports gender equality in science related fields and mainstreams gender in all its activities, including training courses, workshops, fellowships and scientific visits. Events such as Vienna Daughters’ Day provide a valuable opportunity to encourage girls to study and pursue a career in science and technology, increasing the number of future female scientists.


Each year, the city of Vienna organizes the Wiener Töchtertag to introduce girls to possible future professions, including in fields such as development, nuclear science and other technical career choices. The IAEA event aims to enhance girls’ understanding of professions related to science and technology, and to highlight the important role women can play in science and development.

Responsible/Contact: Department of Technical Cooperation | Last update: 29 Apr, 2013

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