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Reaching IAEA technical cooperation stakeholders via radio

Most of the IAEA Member States receiving technical cooperation are in the developing parts of the world. In many areas of Africa or Asia people may lack internet access or experience poor internet connection, some do not own a TV. Therefore, one of the best ways to share information in these Member States is via radio.

UN radio is a valuable tool for the IAEA’s technical cooperation programme to raise awareness about its activities and the issues TC projects address. Radio broadcasts ensure the best possible outreach throughout all regions.

Celebrating the World Radio Day, a few UN radio broadcasts on the IAEA’s technical cooperation activities can provide an idea of what the programme is all about:

Lack of cancer services in developing countries is "an immense human tragedy" says IAEA chief | United Nations Radio

IAEA to raise awareness about the nature of cancer in low and middle income countries | United Nations Radio

IAEA tackles threat of radiation to patients and health workers | United Nations Radio

Seibersdorf labs support nuclear research and development for 50 years | United Nations Radio

How nuclear technology supports development and south-south cooperation | United Nations Radio

Marburg haemorrhagic fever breaks out in Uganda | United Nations Radio

• Cameroon gets help for rapid diagnosis of animal diseases | United Nations Radio

• Combating wheat stem rust in Africa | United Nations Radio

• Helping women in the Andes by improving varieties of local grains and cereals | United Nations Radio

• Tanzania reports on successes in promoting maternal health | United Nations Radio

• Nuclear technology can secure food for future | United Nations Radio

• UN nuclear energy agency helps farmers improve soil quality | United Nations Radio

• UN nuclear energy agency to launch centre to study ocean acidification | United Nations Radio

• Innovative irrigation methods helping Kenyan farmers | United Nations Radio

• Managing water efficiently using nuclear-based techniques | United Nations Radio

Responsible/Contact: Department of Technical Cooperation | Last update: 10 Apr, 2015

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