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Networking and e-learning to boost nuclear education and training in Latin America

16 October 2012
Whether in health care, agriculture management, climate change assessment or the planning of a nuclear power programme, a workforce knowledgeable and skilled in nuclear science and technology is essential. To foster and improve education and training in the nuclear field and to provide easy access to high standard training material, the IAEA has developed a ‘Cyber Learning Platform for Nuclear Education and Training’ (CLP4NET) in support of regional nuclear education networks, such as the ‘Latin American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology’ (LANENT).

Nuclear capacity in the Latin America and the Caribbean region is mixed. Many countries would like to reinforce their capacity to utilize various nuclear applications. Other countries in the region already have advanced nuclear educational and training systems in place. LANENT was formed in 2010 to make good use of these resources, and to provide support to high quality nuclear education in the region. At the moment, 11 countries and 18 institutions from the Latin-American and Caribbean region are participating in the initiative. Any institution in the region that is involved in building nuclear capacities can be a member of the network.

Through a technical cooperation project, the IAEA is helping LANENT to fulfil its objectives, using CLP4NET to connect the nuclear educational community in the region to share their knowledge and expertise, thus helping to develop highly qualified nuclear personnel across Latin America and the Caribbean. Educational institutions from any country in the region can register with CLP4NET, supporting the initiative, and benefiting from its advantages.

E-learning is a powerful method of education and training. It removes the limits posed by distance, time and resources and can provide support at any location with an internet connection at any time. The IAEA’s ‘cyber learning platform’ is designed as a user-friendly tool to integrate and disseminate nuclear science and technology material efficiently, and to facilitate quick access to high-quality educational resources and teaching experience. Through the e-learning platform, registered users can receive direct training from nuclear professionals, upload training material and network with each other. CLP4NET also serves as a forum to discuss policies and strategies for nuclear education and training. The LANENT component of the platform is tailored to the needs of the region, and will provide information in Spanish as well as in English, covering each of the IAEA’s thematic areas, including nuclear energy, safety and security, nuclear science and applications, safeguards, technical cooperation, legal infrastructure, and nuclear knowledge management.

The TC project that is supporting LANENT also aims to enhance networking among individuals and organizations from the nuclear education and training world, and to establish linkages between nuclear education networks around the globe. By interlinking networks the IAEA seeks to help its Member States share best practices and lessons learned on a world-wide scale, to develop high-quality nuclear educational programmes.

In November, a ‘networking networks’ preparatory meeting, attended by the president and the Vice President of LANENT and representatives of other educational networks, will be held to share experiences and best practices and to plan for follow up in 2013. The event is expected to gather representatives of numerous educational networks around the world, and will provide an excellent networking opportunity for both individuals and networks.

Responsible/Contact: Department of Technical Cooperation | Last update: 10 Apr, 2015

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