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Peru signs its first Country Programme Framework (CPF) for 2012-2016

Carlos Barreda Tamayo, President of the Instituto Peruano de Energia Nuclear, and Kwaku Aning, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation, have signed Peru’s Country Programme Framework (CPF) for the period of 2012-2016 on 16 March 2012. A Country Programme Framework (CPF) is the frame of reference for the medium-term planning of technical cooperation between a Member State and the IAEA and identifies priority areas where the transfer of nuclear technology and technical cooperation resources will be directed to support national development goals.

Peru has been an IAEA Member State since 1957. Its 2012-2016 CPF identifies seven priority areas:

1. Water resource management

2. Industry

3. Food security

4. Human health

5. Radiation safety

6. Electric power generation

7. Environment service market. 

Responsible/Contact: Department of Technical Cooperation | Last update: 10 Apr, 2015

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