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Highlights and news archive 2010
NOAA and IAEA collaboration on Harmful Algal Blooms
15 December 2010 |  The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have formalized their collaboration to provide technical assistance in the management of the impacts of harmful algal blooms. Read more »
Enhancing Crop Productivity through Small Scale Irrigation Technology at Igoda Model Tea Farm, Tanzania
14 December 2010 |  Tea is Tanzania’s fifth largest export crop, and the livelihood of many small scale farmers depends on it. Currently, most tea production in the country, especially small scale production, depends fully on rainfall. However, Tanzania, like many other African countries, suffers from land degradation and is vulnerable to climatic variability and frequent droughts. Read more »
Inauguration of a Mediterranean fruit fly emergence and release facility in Croatia
14 December 2010 |  The Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) emergence and release facility in Opuzen, Croatia, was inaugurated on 22 September 2010 in the presence of representatives of the Governments of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, the IAEA and grower associations. Read more »
Mexico signs its first Country Programme Framework (CPF)
2 December 2010 | Ambassador Alejandro Díaz, Permanent Representative of Mexico to the IAEA, and Ana María Cetto, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation, have signed Mexico’s first Country Programme Framework (CPF) covering the period 2011–2015, on 1 December 2010. Read more »
Ecuador signs a Country Programme Framework (CPF)
22 November 2010 | Ambassador Diego Stacey, Permanent Representative of Ecuador to the IAEA, and Ana María Cetto, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation, have signed Ecuador’s Country Programme Framework (CPF), for the period of 2010 – 2015, on 19 November 2010. Read more »
Jamaica signs its first Country Programme Framework (CPF)

15 November 2010 | Dr. Gladstone Hutchinson, Director General of the Planning Institute of Jamaica, and Ana María Cetto, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation, have signed Jamaica’s first Country Programme Framework (CPF), covering the period 2010 – 2015, on 2 November 2010. Read more »
Report on the IAEA Fellowship Programme Survey
3 November 2010 | To assess the impact and quality of the IAEA fellowship programme, the Department of Technical Cooperation has carried out a survey of fellows from the years 2003-2004. Fellows were asked to rate the quality and the impact of the fellowship programme and to suggest improvements. Read more »
Announcing the World Nuclear University Summer Institute for 2011
27 October 2010 | The World Nuclear University (WNU) 7th Annual Summer Institute will be held from 9 Jul - 20 Aug 2011. The WNU is accepting applications until 20 November 2010. Read more »
Seminar on Technical Cooperation for Permanent Missions
15 October 2010 | Strengthening an open dialogue on the technical cooperation programme. Read more »
United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks (UNDAFs)
24 September 2010 | A soil conservation project in Tajikistan is an outstanding example of the work that is possible within the UNDAF framework. Read more »
Technical cooperation and the Millennium Development Goals
21 September 2010 | How nuclear science and technology is being applied in support of international development objectives.
Read more »
IAEA TC counterpart Dr. Salimata Wade awarded the African Union Regional Award for Women Scientists
6 September 2010 | On September 9, 2010 Dr. Wade will be recognized for her work in the fight against malnutrition in Africa.
Read more »
Costa Rica Exports Gourmet Tomato to the International  Market
31 August 2010 | A group of 16 producers in Zarcero, Costa Rica are benefiting from export to the U.S. market based on successful technical cooperation to reduce the damage caused by fruit fly.
Read more »
IAEA Technical Cooperation Expert Awarded the 2010 LOréal-UNESCO Award for Women in Science
24 August 2010 | Dr. Lourdes Cruz received the prestigious LOréal-UNESCO award for her work with marine snails and sea shell toxins. Read more »
Improving Livestock Productivity in Mongolia
13 July 2010 | IAEA helps to improve the productivity of cattle, camels and yaks in Mongolia through better nutrition and reproductive management. Read more »
Ana María Cetto, DDG and Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation, visits IAEA Member State Azerbaijan
11 June 2010 | Ms Cetto met government officials to discuss the technical cooperation programme in Azerbaijan. Ms Cetto also received an honorary doctorate from the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences. Read more »
Combating Childhood Obesity in Latin America and the Caribbean
28 May 2010 | The IAEA is working with Latin American and Caribbean Member States through technical cooperation projects to combat the increasing problem of childhood obesity. Read more »
Supporting Universum’s Disarmament Month
21 April 2010 | The Department of Technical Cooperation talks to students of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma (UNAM) in Mexico. Read more »
Sustainable Energy Development for Belarus
7 April 2010 | Belarus plans for its first nuclear power plant. Read more »
Building Competences in Nuclear Waste Management
7 April 2010 | An interregional TC project provided over 20 countries with a comprehensive understanding on the fundamentals of high level waste disposal. Read more »
Reunion de oficiales nacionales de enlace en Guatemala
1 April 2010 | The IAEA’s Technical Cooperation Division for Latin America held its biannual National Liaison Officer’s Coordination Meeting from 22 to 26 March 2010 in Antigua, Guatemala. Read more »
Sustainable Water Use Through Technical Cooperation
22 March 2010 | Water saving drip irrigation provides efficient water use for agriculture.
Read more »
22 March 2010 | The IAEA's nuclear applications for agriculture are described in a UN Radio interview in French. Read more »
Reducing the Risk of Environmental Toxins in El Salvador
22 March 2010 | Water saving drip irrigation provides efficient water use for agriculture. Read more »
Kuwait signs its first CPF with the IAEA
19 March 2010 | Kuwait will work with the IAEA on energy, health, safety and security as well as other socioeconomic development priorities. Read more »
Nuclear Energy Innovations
3 February 2010 | Participants from 32 Member States attended a forum this week on innovative nuclear systems for development. Read more »
Treating Cervical Cancer in El Salvador
13 January 2010 | The first and only cervical cancer treatment facility in El Salvador has treated over 1800 women in the last 16 months. Read more »
Results-Based Management Training in Oman
7 January 2010 | A workshop in Oman introduced results-based management and TC project planning to over 30 participants. Read more »

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