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Results-Based Management Training in Oman
A recent workshop in Oman, organized by the Asia and the Pacific Division with help from the TC Quality Management Section and Oman’s National Liaison Office, brought together over 30 participants from several Ministries, the Sultan Qaboos University and Oman’s Scientific Research Council. The workshop introduced the results-based management (RBM) methodology used by the IAEA, which participants will apply as they design and formulate TC projects on energy development in Oman.

The IAEA’s Department of Technical Cooperation is working to help Member States use results-based management to plan for, monitor and continue the work of IAEA-supported projects. RBM uses lessons learned from self-assessments of how preplanned project objectives have been achieved, and applies these to subsequent project planning cycles. TC holds workshops on an ongoing basis to introduce or strengthen results-based management and TC project planning and formulation in Member States.

Badr Hina’i, a workshop participant from the Scientific Research Council, said that the workshop taught participants how to think about projects and their future obstacles from several different angles and built partnerships between the academic community and those working in industry. Participants learned how to apply forward thinking to the several elements that go into the planning of a project, including the rationale for the project, the strategies for achieving the project’s objective, the benefits the project will bring and how the outcomes of the project will be sustained after the project is over.

TC workshops, such as the results-based management training series, are important tools that help Member States to learn more about the facilities and services that are available to their own country, and give Member States the ability to approach project planning with an eye on the future development of their countries.

The next results-based management training workshop is scheduled to take place in Malawi in February this year.


Responsible/Contact: Department of Technical Cooperation | Last update: 10 Apr, 2015

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