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Highlights and news archive 2009
Improving Health, Food and Agriculture in Central Africa
15 December 2009 | Some 25 technical cooperation projects are currently ongoing in the Central African Republic.
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Another Step in the Fight Against the Tsetse Fly
27 November 2009 | The African Union Commission and the IAEA sign an agreement on tsetse fly eradication in Africa.
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Technical Cooperation Annual Meeting Convenes in Vienna
24 November 2009 | The annual meeting of the IAEA´s Technical Assistance and Cooperation Committee (TACC) is in session this week in Vienna.
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Focussing on Results Based Management for Technical Cooperation
1 October 2009 | Member States heard a briefing on state-of-the-art results based management for technical cooperation at the 53rd IAEA General Conference. Read more »
WNU New Training Opportunities
28 September 2009 | The World Nuclear University is offering two new training sessions for 2010. The First Annual Radioisotope School will be held from 15 May - 4 Jun 2010, and the Sixth Annual Summer Institute will be held from 3 Jul - 14 Aug 2010. Read more »
AFRA Celebrated its 20th Anniversary at the 53rd IAEA GC
23 September 2009 | An exhibition and panel discussion was held to celebrate AFRA's successes and challenges and to focus on Africa's future development. Read more »
CPF Signing with Kazakhstan
15 September 2009 | Kazakhstan signs Country Programme Framework defining six areas for collaborative technical cooperation in 2010-2015. Read more »
Technical Cooperation Presents an Exhibition and AFRA Side Event at the 53rd IAEA General Conference
7 September 2009 | Celebrate 20 years of AFRA and find useful materials and presentations at the TC Exhibition and Service Desk. Read more »
A workshop presents energy planning and development using IAEA tools
4 August 2009 | 48 participants from 41 Member States attend a workshop on long term energy planning and development at IAEA headquarters. Read more »
Ana María Cetto speaks at Sultan Qaboos University on Nuclear Technologies for Development
4 May 2009 | Professors, students and the public receive DDG and Head of TC, Ana María Cetto, for a lecture on the IAEA’s role in nuclear technologies for development. Read more »
IAEA Director General Visits TC Project Sites in Latin American
4 May 2009 | The IAEA’s Director General, Mohamed ElBaradei, has visited technical cooperation projects during a recent visit to the Latin American countries of Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador and Venezuel.        
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Searching for Pollution in the Caribbean
30 April 2009 | Scientists, trained through technical cooperation projects, track sources of pollution in the Caribbean.
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Wiener Töchtertag (Vienna Daughter's Day)
23 April 2009 | The Agency took part in this year's Wiener Töchtertag (Vienna Daughter's Day) on Thursday, 23 April 2009. Read more »
Second Session of the Fifth SAGTAC
20 April 2009 | Twenty senior experts, conversant with the Agency’s Technical Cooperation Programme, convened to advise on technical cooperation strategies and policy. Read more »
Moldova’s first linear accelerator
27 March 2009 | Collaborative efforts lead to Moldova's first linear accelerator. Read more »
Central African Republic signs its first Country Programme Framework
9 March 2009 | Document signifies Government and IAEA commitment to direct efforts towards the application of nuclear science and technology for sustainable development. Read more »
Ghana develops a comprehensive National Cancer Control Strategy
12 January 2009 | Ghana develops a comprehensive and integrated approach to fighting cancer through the support and collaboration of WHO, PACT and the IAEA. Read more »
CETI in Montenegro celebrates 10 years
6 January 2009 | Montenegro’s Centre for Ecotoxicological Research (CETI), a key partner of the Technical Cooperation Programme, celebrates its 10th anniversary. Read more »

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