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Highlights and news archive 2008
Theoretical Physics Library dedicated to Marie Curie
5 December 2008| Ms. Ana Marie Cetto speaks at the library dedication for "...one of the best known women scientists in the nuclear field and indeed in science as a whole." Read more »
Project Profiles
25 November 2008| New profiles of technical cooperation projects in agriculture, human health, sustainable energy and other areas are now available here. Read more »
Stimulating Innovation, Technology Transfer and Economic Development Through a Regional Training Course
11 November 2008| A regional training course, run by WIPO and the IAEA, deepens participant understanding of licensing as a tool for intellectual property protection and commercialization in research and development institutes. Read more »
Board of Governors meeting June 2008
The IAEA Board of Governors convened from 2-6 June 2008. Read the Opening and Closing statements from DDG-TC, Ms. Ana María Cetto.
X-rays Often Repeated for Patients in Developing Countries
28 May 2008| An IAEA study released this week that examined the use of x-rays in developing countries has yielded some interesting results. Read more »
NLO Final Guidelines
4 March 2008| The final document of the National Liaison Officer: Roles and Responsibilities is now available. Read more »
Next steps in the preparation of the IAEA 2009-2011 TCP
8 February 2008| Counterparts are requested to submit TC project designs by 15 March 2008. Read more »



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