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GC 51st - TC Exhibition

The exhibition “Technical Cooperation: Delivering results for peace and development” showcased the achievements of the IAEA TC programme in the Member States. It focused on concrete and tangible results and offered a snapshot of IAEA projects at both the national and regional level, showing how projects can make a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis. The exhibits demonstrated the uses of nuclear science and technology in a wide range of contexts: enhancing agricultural production, improving health care, managing water resources and monitoring and protecting the environment. They also showed how energy assessments help Member States to ensure a sustainable energy supply, the broad range of applications of radiation technologies and cooperation in the areas of safety and security.

The exhibition highlighted the fruits of collaboration between the IAEA and Member States, including: wheat and cereal samples from Peru, hydrogels from Malaysia, air filters from Mexico, a sediment corer used in the Caribbean, a tsetse trap from South Africa, a training reactor from Hungary and a 3-D model of a diagnostic clinic in the Czech Republic, among others. There were also individual flyers that profiled almost 40 completed TC projects.

Technical Cooperation: Delivering Results for Peace and Development

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Fifty Years of Technical Cooperation

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