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Highlights and news archive 2006-2007
GC 51st - TC Exhibition
13 November 2007| The Technical Cooperation exhibition took place during the General Conference, showcasing fifty years of achievements in cooperation with Member States. Read more »
2008 World Nuclear University Summer Institute
6 November 2007| The 2008 WNU (World Nuclear University) Summer Institute will be held at McMaster University, Canada from 5 July through 15 August 2008. The deadline for receipt of applications will be 30 November 2007. Read more »
NLO Draft Guidelines
1 October 2007| Ana María Cetto, DDG-TC, and Ali Boussaha, Director of the Africa Division, presented draft guidelines on the roles, responsibilities and profile of a National Liaison Officer (NLO) to the representatives of the Permanent Missions on 27 September. Member States are requested to give their feedback by 22 October 2007.
A Long Wait Ends
17 August 2007 | New cancer hospital in Zambia brings hope to patients. Just ask Helen Moto-Moto. Read more »
Board of Governors meeting (11-15 June 2007)
13 June 2007| The IAEA Board of Governors convened from 11-15 June 2007. Read the Opening and Closing statements from DDG-TC, Ms. Ana María Cetto.
Invitation to submit project concepts for the 2009—2011 TC cycle
5 April 2007| Member States once again have the opportunity to submit project concepts, which reflect ideas for potential projects under the IAEA TC programme (TCP), through the established channels. Read more »

Remembering VISTA some 45 years ago, U.N. Chief greets TC Manager
23 February 2007 | During his first visit as United Nations Secretary-General to Vienna, Mr. Ban Ki-moon received Mr. Karol Skornik, Regional Project Manager, Division for Africa, Department of Technical Cooperation. Read more »
TACC Meeting
The annual meeting of the Technical Assistance and Cooperation Committee convened on 20 November 2006 to consider, inter alia, the proposed TC programme for 2007-2008. Read the introductory statements by the IAEA DG, Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei and DDG-TC, Dr. Ana Maria Cetto.
Caspian Cruise
Follow a seagoing research vessel as it undertakes sampling in the Caspian Sea to determine the levels of radionuclides in seawater. View Video »
Mini Chernobyl
See the remains of a former iodine factory where hundreds of thousands of tonnes of contaminated waste lie in the open. View Video »
Nuclear Technologies for the Environment
A special exhibit entitled “Nuclear Technologies for the Environment: Protecting Air, Earth and Oceans” was opened in the Main Hall of the Austria Centre on 19 September during the 50th IAEA General Conference. Read more »
Board of Governors meeting (June 2006)
The IAEA Board of Governors convened in June 2006. Read the statement by the DDG-TC, Ms. Ana María Cetto. Read more »
TC Rises to the Challenge of Chernobyl
Chernobyl 20: Four new stories show core TC projects aimed at mitigating the effects of the Chernobyl accident. Read more »
Not just weapons: nuclear science for development
Over the past decade, the UN's nuclear energy regulator has helped over 90 developing countries reap the benefits of safe radiation-based technology, reports Marilyn Smith. Read more »
Report on the In-depth Study of the IAEA Fellowship Programme
As a follow-up to the fellowship survey done in 2005, an in-depth study of former fellows was done. Again, fellows were asked to rate the quality and the impact of the fellowship programme, and to suggest improvements. Regarding the majority of the questions, the results from this study correlate with those from the first survey. This gives us some confidence to believe that these results are indeed representative of the entire base population of former fellows from the years 2001 and 2002. Read more »
Video: Two drops of Blood - Handle with Care - Clean Water for Costa Rica
The Department of Technical Cooperation, in partnership with the Division of Public Information, has embarked on a journey to find stories, stories of the impact that nuclear technology has had in Member States. The first impact videos come from Costa Rica and Guatemala. In Costa Rica, isotope hydrology methods are used to manage water resources. The videos from Guatemala show how nuclear techniques are used to identify hypothyroidism in newborns and the importance of dosimetry for radiotherapy treatments. View Videos »


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