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Highlights and news archive 2005 and before
Report on the IAEA Fellowship Programme Survey
To assess the impact and the quality of the IAEA fellowship programme, the Department of Technical Cooperation conducted a survey among former fellows from the years 2001 and 2002. Approximately 30% of the former fellows participated. They rated the quality and the impact of the fellowship programme on their career, on their home institute, on the technical cooperation project and on their home country. The results were overwhelmingly positive. Read more »
NE/TC Team Merit Award 2005
The Industrial Applications and Chemistry Section (IACS) of NAPC has contributed to the unique role of the IAEA as the main UN organization dealing with radiation technology and nuclear radiation based analytical techniques. Read more »
Nuclear Science Enriching Mediterranean Valley
Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority have teamed up with the IAEA and the Food and Agriculture Organization to stamp-out medfly from their shared region of the Mediterranean Basin. It is saving both bell peppers and local business from the Medfly´s bite. Read more »
IAEA Confronts Europe's Cancer Scourge
With the death toll from cancer claiming 1.7 million Europeans each year, health ministers and experts of leading oncology centers from 27 countries across the continent met at IAEA headquarters in Vienna this week to work together to combat the disease. Read more »
World Nuclear University Selects First Fellows
Over 70 top young nuclear professionals and academics have gained fellowships to study at the World Nuclear University´s first annual Summer Institute, to be held 9 July-20 August 2005 in the USA.
Read more »
Nuclear Science Helps Mexico City Breathe Easier
Nobody likes breathing lungfulls of pollution from big cities. Least of all the citizens of Mexico City, whose air is so contaminated it is a serious health hazard. Now the IAEA, through its Technical Cooperation programme, is helping Mexicans breathe a little easier. Read more »
First Phase of TC Restructuring
The Department of Technical Cooperation has completed the first phase of restructuring. The TC Field Procurement Section has been incorporated into the new Office of Procurement Services (MTPS), Department of Management.
TACC meeting
The annual meeting of the Technical Assistance and Cooperation Committee convened on 22 November 2004. Read introductory statements from IAEA DG, Dr. Mohamed Elbaradei and from DDG-TC, Dr. Ana Maria Cetto.
Launching of TC Country Profile
TC Country Profile has been released on 20 September 2004. A website for registered users which provides, at the Country level, online and up-to-date combined information (general, financial, statistical and links) about the technical cooperation programme and activities (same registration requirement as for TC PRIDE). Register »
Ethiopia builds a fly factory to tackle the tsetse
As reported in Financial Time (read excerpts) on 21 September 2004, with technical cooperation help from the International Atomic Energy Agency, a body better known for investigating nuclear programmes in Iran, Ethiopian scientists plan to breed millions of male tsetse, sterilise them using gamma radiation and then release them into infested areas.
Board of Governors meeting (14-18 June 2004)
The IAEA Board of Governors convened from 14-18 June 2004. Read Opening and Closing statements from DDG-TC, Ms. Ana María Cetto.
Board of Governors meeting (8-10 March 2004)
The IAEA Board of Governors convened from 8-10 March 2004. Read excerpts from the reply statement of the DDG-TC, Ms. Ana María Cetto.
Mexico's Woman of the Year
IAEA Deputy Director General Ana María Cetto has been named one of Mexico's Women of the Year. With a shared Nobel Peace Prize already to her credit, Dr. Cetto's latest award places her in rare and distinguished company.
SAGTAC participants

The third meeting of the Standing Advisory Group on Technical Assistance and Cooperation (SAGTAC) concluded on 25 July 2003. Read more »
Technical Cooperation Report for 2002
Addressing the June Board of Governors meeting, Ana María Cetto introduced the Technical Cooperation Report for 2002, but also identified opportunities for the TC programme. In her speech, Mrs. Cetto shared ideas for increasing public awareness of project achievements and developing extrabudgetary contributions, as well as identifying the need to strengthen women's participation in nuclear science and technology.
Launch of regional Europe website
The European Regional Website was presented at the Europe's Regular Annual Regional Meeting of Member States on 26 May 2003 in Vienna and is aimed at facilitating information flow and communication with the Europe Region's Member States.
New project request form
New project request form for TC Cycle 2005-2006. The forms are available in PDF format and in MS Word 95/2000. Old forms should not be used.
Thematic Planning Online
Thematic Planning is a prescriptive planning tool that seeks the most effective and efficient technical solution to a generic development problem. As a management tool, the Thematic Plans are an innovative outreach mechanism for providing Member States with information about the IAEA’s strategy in key thematic areas in support of programme development. Similarly, the website was created to provide information to all interested parties and in particular potential partners, as it indeed provides a quick insight into how the Agency is using technology to address real needs and solve developmental problems.
TC welcomes with pride and optimism its new Deputy Director General (DDG-TC), Professor Ana María Cetto, who took up her new assignment on 2 January 2003 at the IAEA Headquarters, Vienna. Prior to joining the IAEA, Prof. Cetto was a full-time research professor of the Institute of Physics and lecturer at the Faculty of Sciences, UNAM. Read more about the new DDG-TC.
Science Serving People
A new online brochure featuring IAEA technical cooperation for development. Science Serving People tells the story of how the IAEA is helping to harness knowledge to promote development and deliver real benefits to the poor. It demonstrates how nuclear science and technology applications are being employed to overcome the challenges of water scarcity, food insecurity, malnutrition, malaria, environmental degradation and many other problems.It also shows how the complementary development, safety, and security initiatives of the IAEA are fulfilling the “Atoms for Peace” mandate of the Agency in the developing world. The brochure is available in English, French and Spanish.
Two new factsheets
The new IAEA factsheets on Human Communicable Diseases and on Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater in Bangladesh are now available as PDF format files.
Tissue banking and radiation technology
A memorandum of understanding has been signed between the Musculo-skeletal Transplant Foundation (USA)and the IAEA, to help strengthen educational and technical infrastructure in tissue banking. Read more »
Solving water shortage in Latin America
The IAEA, through the regional TC project RLA/8/031 on “Sustainable Management of Groundwater Resources”, is supporting the development and implementation of a programme that aims at solving water shortages and protecting the subterranean water resources. This project is being implemented by Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. Traditional hydrological tools combined with nuclear techniques are applied to investigate aquifers in the region.
Launching of pan African Tsetse and Trypanosomosis eradication campaign
Mr. Qian Jihui, DDG-TC gave a speech at the launching of the Pan African Tsetse and Trypanosomosis Eradication Campaign (PATTEC) held in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso on 5 October 2001. A document based on the speech from Mr. Qian is available online. 
Countries move ahead to study nuclear desalination systems
24 June 2003 | Indonesia and the Republic of Korea have signed, on 10 October 2001, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) concerning a preliminary economic feasibility study for a nuclear desalination project on Madura Island, Indonesia. 
IAEA's programme for improving children's health and nutrition
24 June 2003 | A new at-a-glance publication explains the Agency's technical approach and programming targeted at or directly benefitting the health status of children in developing countries. It identifies technologies which can be used in synergy between the Agency's programme and other national, international, and non-governmental organizations with the objective of developing joint field activities.
Scientific forum 2001 focused on technology transfer
24 June 2003 | The Scientific Forum, held on September 18-19 (as part of the Agency's 45th General Conference), focused on nuclear technology serving human needs.The objective was to increase Member States' awareness that technical co-operation in non-power applications could produce cost-effective solutions to high-priority problems of sustainable development. A detailed programme with abstracts from speakers is available online.
IAEA symposium on nutrition
24 June 2003 | The 17th International Congress of Nutrition was held in conjunction with an IAEA Symposium on Nutrition in Vienna, 27-31 August. The week before the Congress, a pre-conference meeting was held between regional Latin America and East Asia and the Pacific projects on nutrition. Deputy Director Generals Qian (TC) and Burkart (NA) opened the meeting. An "at-a-glance" brochure was recently published highlighting the Agency's activities in supporting nutrition and health using nuclear technology.
Atoms in agriculture
24 June 2003 | The Agency is conducting projects to turn saline wastelands into productive farmland. Using proven nuclear techniques, key pieces of information are provided to soil scientists, farmers, and irrigation specialists.
Africa and water resources (27 July 2001)
24 June 2003 | Project counterparts in seven African countries are keen to use the Internet both to publicize their joint work in Groundwater Resources Management, and to help manage the project. Here's a special report on Model Project RAF/8/029. Read more »
Focus on ARCAL and RCA
24 June 2003 | ARCAL and RCA are regional agreements to promote research, development and training related to Nuclear Science and Technology in Latin America and in East Asia and the Pacific. Visit the Regional Home Page ARCAL (in Spanish) and RCA and view the ARCAL Vienna Site (in English) and RCA Vienna Site
Isotopes and environmental change

24 October 2001 | The International Conference on the Study of Environmental Change Using Isotope Techniques concludes 27 April 2001 in Vienna with some 150 experts from 38 countries and 7 international organizations considering state of the art isotope techniques and research in climate change. Read more »
Radiation and tissue banking
24 October 2001 | The IAEA has made great strides in establishing tissue banks around the world and applying ionizing radiation for sterilizing the grafts. The return on the Agency's investment is staggering as these tissue grafts are used in transplant surgery, treatment of burns, leprosy, and skin wounds, among others.
New Technical Cooperation programme
14 September 2001 | Technical Co-operation's proposed programme for the 2001-2002 biennium was approved by the Board of Governors on December 7, 2000. Read excerpts from the statement of the DDG-TC, Mr. Qian Jihui at the Technical Assistance and Co-operation Committee.
Atoms for development
14 September 2001 | The Earth Times reported on the Agency's Technical Cooperation Programme, featuring "The atom at work in the fields of development". This article reviews the work of Technical Co-operation and identifies examples that illustrate the use of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.
Factsheets available
23 April 2001 | The IAEA factsheet Investigating Leaks in Dams & Reservoirs is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF format file.
Workshop in Brazil (17-21 July 2000)
1 December 2000 | Together with the Brazilian National Nuclear Energy Commission, TC organized a regional workshop  "Strategic Planning in Nuclear Institutions in Latin America". The workshop took place in Rio de Janeiro.
BoG meeting (5-9 June 2000)
The IAEA Board of Governors convened from 5-9 June. Read excerpts from the statement of the DDG-TC, Mr. Qian Jihui.
New factsheets published
Two new project factsheets: "Child Nutrition in Senegal" and "Groundwater Resources in Southern and Eastern Africa" have been released. These documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDF format files.



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