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NAPC TC Team Merit Award 2005
The Industrial Applications and Chemistry Section (IACS) of NAPC has contributed to the unique role of the IAEA as the main UN organization dealing with radiation technology and nuclear radiation based analytical techniques. Along with the Department of Technical Cooperation, IACS has significantly enhanced the capabilities of many developing Member States in the above fields.
The achievements and leading role of the IAEA in development of radiation technology receive much appreciation from Member States, industry and the scientific community. The above team, through dedicated, competent performance through coordinated research projects (CRP) and support to technical cooperation projects, has done commendable work for the above cause during the past few years and in particular in 2004.

The Merit Award team members are Ms. B. Abel, Ms. L. Barrios, Ms. C. Gravino, Mr. A. Chmielewski, Mr. M. Haji-Saeid and Mr. M. Rossbach from NAPC and Mr. M.P. Dias, Mr. R. Kamel and Mr. M. Samiei from TC.

Highlights of IACS teamwork in these areas are:

-   Development of radiation based preparation of stimuli responsive hydrogels, membranes for separation techniques;
-   Development of radiation processed sterile hydrogels for treating difficult to heal wounds (burns, diabetic foot ulcer, etc.);
-   Development of radiation processed products from natural polymers e.g. chitin, chitosan – for applications in healthcare (hydrogel) and agriculture (plant growth promoter);
-   Contributions to demonstration and adaptation of industrial EB treatment of flue gases and chemical effluent to render them innocuous;
-   Support to the practice of advanced methods of Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) through IAEA developed k0 software package and prompt  gamma NAA;
-   Fostering enhanced utility of nuclear analytical techniques (NAT) through the newly initiated CRP on “NATs for art object identification” to confirm reliably the authenticity of archaeological and national heritage objects often subject to risk of illicit trafficking and fakes.

About 40% of the 150 TC projects (one of the largest number for any single technical section in the Agency) currently back-stopped by IACS, NAPC, belong to the above two topics and nearly 25 were successfully completed in 2004.

A large number of events were organized/handled on both these topics in 2004: seven CRPs were implemented, including two initiated and two completed in 2004; five technical and consultants’ meetings and four research coordination meetings were held in 2004. A large number of publications were brought out in 2004 on these topics: 12 in all, including one book (non-serial IAEA publication) and one TCS (Training Course Series).
PVA/PVP hydrogel dressings under development in Vietnam.
Radiation Processed PVA Hydrogel Wound Dressing containing natural polymers like agar and carrageenans has been developed in India.


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