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IAEA's Nuclear Law Institute Opens This Week in Baden, Austria
6 October 2017 | Lawyers and regulators from 53 Member States in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Latin America have gathered this week in Baden, Austria for the start of the Nuclear Law Institute (NLI). Read more»
Costa Rica Aims to Eradicate Harmful Flies with the Help of Wasps and Nuclear Technology
5 October 2017 | A group of Costa Rican experts has demonstrated that using a tiny wasp and nuclear technology can control the stable fly, a pest that is causing losses to pineapple producers and cattle breeders in Costa Rica and beyond. Read more»
IAEA Trains Young Professionals in Radiation Protection
3 October 2017 | Skilled radiation professionals are key to the safe use of radiation in medicine, industry and research. The IAEA helps countries strengthen their radiation safety competence through post-graduate courses, one of which concluded last month in Argentina. Read more»

Better Control of Radioactive Sources: Caribbean Regulators Start First-of-a-Kind Training
26 September 2017 | Ensuring a high level of safety in the use of nuclear materials and radiation sources around the world is an important global challenge. The utilization of such material for the benefit of humankind must be managed in a safe manner, and the IAEA Safety Standards are designed to facilitate the achievement of that goal.  Read more»

The IAEA’s 61st General Conference Comes to an End
22 September 2017 | The IAEA’s 61st General Conference came to a close today. Key resolutions were adopted on the IAEA’s work in nuclear science and technology, safety, security, safeguards and technical cooperation. Read more»
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