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Targeting cancer: Bogotá meeting evaluates progress in the use of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals in Latin America
25 August 2015 | From 13 to 17 July 2015, more than 15 radio-pharmacists, radio-chemists and nuclear medicine physicians attended a Regional Intermediate Project Coordinators Meeting, hosted by the Colombian National Cancer Institute and supported by the IAEA. Read more»

IAEA and IRRI sign agreement to train experts in rice production
24 August 2015 | The IAEA has signed an Agreement with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in June 2015 so that IAEA training activities taking place at IRRI can be optimized, more tailored to Member State needs, and more cost-efficient. Read more»

Scientific Forum 2015: Super Crops Created from Irradiated Natural Polymers in Viet Nam
14 August 2015 | Looking to increase yield and eliminate disease, farmers in Viet Nam are now feeding their plants oligochitosan and oligoalginate substances made from irradiated natural polymers. Read more»

Young Scientists Gain Unique Hands-on Experience at New Intercontinental Nuclear Institute
14 August 2015 | Knowledgeable and motivated young professionals are key to the long-term sustainability of the nuclear industry. This is why an IAEA-supported pilot initiative took 22 young nuclear engineers and scientists from across Europe to provide them with hands-on experience and mentoring at nuclear installations in the Czech Republic and the United States. Read more»
IAEA supports and observes World Breastfeeding Week
5 August 2015 | The IAEA provides its Member States with the information and tools to fight malnutrition using isotopic techniques. With World Breastfeeding Week 2015 taking place this week, it’s the right moment to explore the important role that breast milk plays in preventing malnutrition. View photo essay»

Enforcing regulatory “norms”: African experts attend School for Drafting to protect public from Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
05 August 2015 | In response to Member State requests, a School for Drafting was convened and attended by IAEA and international experts, from 20-24 July, at the Agency's Vienna headquarters. Read more»

Sustainable Statistics: IAEA, UNESCAP highlight the link between SDGs and statistics
13 July 2015 | Experts, delegates and researchers explored the Post-2015 Development Agenda for the Asia Pacific region at the UNESCAP Asia and Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development Goals, held in Bangkok, Thailand from 21 – 22 May, 2015. Read more»
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