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Integrated Research Reactor Infrastructure Assessment (IRRIA)

The IRRIA review mission is designed to assist a Member State in determining the status of its national nuclear infrastructure and to identify further development needs to support a new research reactor project.

The introduction of the first research reactor in a country requires the establishment of an adequate national infrastructure, which covers a wide range of technical areas to ensure that national and international commitments and obligations, particularly regarding safety, security, safeguards and emergency preparedness, are met during the construction, operation and decommissioning phases.

The IAEA has developed IRRIA to respond to Member States’ requests to assess the status of and identify improvements of their national nuclear infrastructure. An IRRIA mission is a holistic, IAEA-coordinated peer review, conducted by a team of international experts who have direct experience in specialized research reactor infrastructure areas.

The Agency also offers a  publication on Specific Considerations and Milestones for a Research Reactor Project, known as the Research Reactor Milestone publication. It provides guidance on the timely preparation of a research reactor project through a sequential development process set out in phases.

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