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Education Capability Assessment and Planning (ECAP)


Education and training in nuclear science and technology is essential to building the human resources necessary for sectors, where nuclear techniques are applied. IAEA’s ECAP framework provides a process for developing countries to establish sustainable nuclear education and training programmes, tailored to their national needs.

Education Capability Assessment and Planning (ECAP) framework is designed to specifically address needs of IAEA Member States without existing nuclear power programmes and relevant expertise to introducing national nuclear education and training programmes. It facilitates the key processes for developing national strategies and action plans, identifying necessary resources and developing curricula that consist of a set of courses on nuclear subjects and engaging stakeholders.

Upon request from Member States, the IAEA also provides ECAP Assist Visit missions to review the progress, provide guideline to implementation and recommendations to further improvements. The ECAP process implemented in multiple phases and can be delivered in separate missions with the assistance of the IAEA. Different phases can be completed within a span of 2-4 years depending on the levels of advancement of the nuclear education system and the level of engagement by partner institutions of a hosting country.


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