Peer Review and Advisory Services Calendar

Mission Title Location Start Date Report
IRRS Mission to the Netherlands Netherlands May 2023*
IRRS Mission to Singapore Singapore June 2022*
IRRS Mission to Sweden Sweden January 2022*
IRRS Mission to Switzerland Switzerland Q3 2021*
IRRS Mission to Slovenia Slovenia January 2021*
IRRS Mission to Bangladesh Bangladesh 31 October 2020
IRRS Mission to Uzbekistan Uzbekistan July 2020*
IRRS Follow-up Mission to Cameroon Cameroon 1 June 2020
IRRS Mission to Denmark Denmark 11 May 2020
IRRS Follow-up Mission to Lithuania Lithuania 10 May 2020
IRRS Mission to Argentina Argentina 4 May 2020
IRRS Mission to IAEA Austria April 2020*
IRRS Mission to Portugal Portugal 1 April 2020
IRRS Follow-up Mission to Malta Malta 2 March 2020
IRRS Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 2 March 2020
IRRS Follow-up Mission to Japan Japan 14 January 2020
IRRS Follow-up Mission to Indonesia Indonesia 25 November 2019
IRRS Follow-up Mission to Croatia Croatia October 2019*
IRRS Mission to Latvia Latvia 20 October 2019
IRRS Mission to the United Kingdom United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 14 October 2019


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  2. Women
  3. Press

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