Peer Review and Advisory Services Calendar

Mission Title Location Start Date Report
INSARR Follow-up Mission to Poland (Maria Research Reactor) Poland 28 November 2017
IRRS Follow-Up Mission to Belgium Belgium 26 November 2017 Download
IRRS Follow-up Mission to Greece Greece 19 November 2017 Download
AMRAS Mission to Vanuatu Vanuatu 15 November 2017
OSART Mission to Leningrad Russian Federation 13 November 2017 Download
OSART Follow-up Mission to Borssele (2nd stage) Netherlands 6 November 2017
ORPAS Mission to Chile Chile 6 November 2017
EduTA Mission to Argentina Argentina 6 November 2017 Download
Safety Review Mission on the review of ageing management, BR2 Research Reactor Belgium 6 November 2017
AMRAS Mission to Brunei Darussalam Brunei Darussalam 6 November 2017
EPREV Mission to Slovenia Slovenia 5 November 2017
IRRS Mission to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 30 October 2017 Download
IPPAS Follow-up Mission to Australia Australia 30 October 2017
TSR-PSR of Temelin's Periodic Safety Review documentation Czech Republic 23 October 2017
IRRS Mission to Botswana Botswana 15 October 2017 Download
IRRS Follow-up Mission to Jordan Jordan 14 October 2017 Download
IPPAS Mission to Lithuania Lithuania 9 October 2017
IRRS Follow-up Mission to Romania Romania 9 October 2017 Download
KMAV to Slovensko Elektrane, (Mochovce NPP) Slovakia 3 October 2017
INSARR Mission to the JEEP II Research Reactor Norway 3 October 2017


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