Peer Review and Advisory Services Calendar

Mission Title Location Start Date Report
IRRS Follow-up Mission to France France 1 October 2017 Download
IPPAS Mission to Germany Germany 25 September 2017
Pre-operational OSART Mission to Barakah United Arab Emirates 15 September 2017 Download
AMRAS Mission to Sudan Sudan 10 September 2017
IPPAS Mission to China China 28 August 2017
AMRAS Mission to Panama Panama 28 August 2017
AMRAS Mission to Seychelles Seychelles 21 August 2017
SEED Mission to the Republic of Korea (Gyeongju Korean Nuclear and Hydro Power Company Office and Wolsong Nuclear Site) Republic of Korea 14 August 2017
OSART Mission to Sequoyah United States of America 14 August 2017 Download
Safety Review Mission on the review of the core conversion from HEU to LEU, NIRR-1 Research Reactor Nigeria 7 August 2017
OSART Follow-up Mission to Kashiwazaki -Kariwa Japan 31 July 2017
SEED Review Mission to Turkey (TAEK) Turkey 24 July 2017
ARTEMIS Mission to SOGIN Italy 3 July 2017
IRRS Mission to Nigeria Nigeria 2 July 2017 Download
IPPAS Follow-up Mission to Hungary Hungary 26 June 2017
IRRS Follow-Up Mission to Poland Poland 19 June 2017 Download
INSARR Mission to the JM-1 SLOWPOKE-2 Research Reactor Jamaica 19 June 2017
AMRAS Mission to Paraguay Paraguay 12 June 2017
SALTO Mission to Qinshan 1 China 6 June 2017 Download
OSART Follow-up Mission to Bruce B Canada 29 May 2017


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