Safeguards Symposium 2014 Photo Gallery

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2014 Symposium on International Safeguards – Highlights movie

Thank you to our talented Photographers: BYSSIOUK, Vadim and AUER, Daniel


1. Ability to fully implement the State-level concept for the planning, conduct and evaluation of safeguards

2. Increased ability to detect undeclared nuclear material and activities

3. Ability to safeguard new types of facility

4. Ability to provide credible assurances that nuclear material used in non-proscribed military activities, specifically naval propulsion, is not used for the production of nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices

5. Ability to deploy equipment at facilities to meet safeguards requirements

6. Ability to acquire and deploy safeguards equipment that is sustainable, standardized and modular, with increased use of commercial off-the-shelf products

7. Ability to make maximum efficiency savings by the use of remote monitoring of facility operating data and unattended IAEA equipment

8. Ability to use safeguards information in a fully integrated, secure environment, maintained and available to all IAEA staff who need it according to their role

9. Ability to communicate secure, authentic information that is fully compatible with the integrated safeguards environment between the IAEA, safeguards authorities and inspectors/equipment in the field

10. Ability to provide analytical services through the Network of Analytical Laboratories to support verification requirements

11. Ability to deal with new technology or facilities

12. Ability to take on technical challenges and opportunities, and emerging tasks

13. Ability to deploy the required expertise and skills to continue to fulfil the IAEA’s mandate


IAEA Cooperation with State system of accounting for and control of nuclear materials (SSAC)


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