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Safe Guard's Symposium

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Full Papers

#TitleMain AuthorCountryAffiliationSession
001ABACC's Experience in Implementing Short Notice Random Inspections (SNRI) Regime at Fuel Fabrication Plants in Brazil and Argentina De Almeida , S.
Brazilian-Argentine Agency for Accounting & Control of Nuclear Materials (ABACC)Session 22 - Oral
002Key Nuclear Verification Priorities - Safeguards and BeyondCarlson , J.
AUSTRALIA ASNO Session 3 - Oral
003Strengthening of Organizational Infrastructure for Meeting IAEA Nuclear Safeguards Obligations: Bangladesh PerspectiveMollah , A.S.
BANGLADESH Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission Session 8 - Poster
007Monitoring Nuclear Reactors with Antineutrino Detectors: The ANGRA ProjectAnjos , J.C.
BRAZIL Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas (CBPF) Session 31 - Poster
008Burkina Faso Experience with Establishment and Maintenance of an SSACBelemsaga , D.M.A.
BURKINA FASO Autorité Nationale de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (ARSN) Session 7 - Poster
009Muon Tomography for Imaging Nuclear Waste and Spent Fuel VerificationJonkmans , G.
CANADA Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL) Session 30 - Poster
010Application of Safeguards by Design to a Reactor Design Process Whitlock , J.J.
CANADA Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECK)Session 34 - Oral
013Determination of Uranium Isotopic Ratios in Environmental Samples by Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry (TIMS)Cui, J.
CHINABeijing Research Institute of Uranium GeologySession 9 - Poster
014Croatian Support for Strengthening International SafeguardsCizmek , A.
CROATIA State Office for Nuclear Safety Session 7 - Poster
016Feasibility Study for the Development of Plutonium Reference Materials for Age Dating in Nuclear Forensics Sturm , M.
BELGIUMInstitute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM)Session 9 - Poster
019A Proposal for More Effective Training in Countries Developing Nuclear PowerHalim , A.A.
USADurst Nuclear Engineering and Consulting, IncSession 26 - Oral
021SSAC at Your Service: Promoting Cooperation Between IAEA and Finnish SSAC for Safeguards Implementation (within the EU)Hämäläinen, M
FINLAND Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) Session 14 - Oral
023Remote Optical Detection of Alpha RadiationSand , J.
FINLAND Tampere University of Technology Session 30 - Poster
024Safeguards by Design - Experiences from New Nuclear InstallationsOkko , O.
FINLAND Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) Session 34 - Oral
025Screening Samples with a Position-sensitive Detection System Providing Isotope-specific Information Ihantola , S.
FINLAND Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) Session 9 - Poster
027Nucifer: Nuclear Reactor Safeguards Through Antineutrinos MonitoringLasserre , T.
FRANCE CEA Session 31 - Poster
029Recent Improvements of Actinides Trace Analysis in Environmental Samples for Nuclear Activities Detection Pointurier , F.
FRANCE CEA Session 4 - Oral
030German Approach to Spent Fuel ManagementJussofie , A.
GERMANYGesellschaft für Nuklear-Service m.b.H. (GNS); DBE TechnologySession 20 - Poster
031Concept and Development Status of the Digital Upgrade of the Mini Multi-channel AnalyserBrutscher , J.
GERMANYGBS Elektronik GmbH Session 30 - Poster
032Hand-held Devices for the Detection of Clandestine Nuclear Material On-siteRosenstock , W.
GERMANY Fraunhofer-INT Session 9 - Poster
034Simulations of Atmospheric Krypton-85 to Assess the Detectability of Clandestine Nuclear Reprocessing Ross , O.
GERMANY University of Hamburg, Carl Friedrich von Weizacker Centre for Science and Peace Research (ZNF)Session 9 - Poster
035Stratospheric Platforms for Monitoring PurposesKonigorski, D.
GERMANY ASTRIUM GmbHSession 18 - Poster
036Simulation of Atmospheric Noble Gas Transport to Assess Sampling Procedures for Locating Unreported Reprocessing Klingberg , F.
GERMANY University of Hamburg, Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker Centre for Science and Peace Research (ZNF)Session 9 - Poster
037Ultra-trace Analysis of Krypton-85Daerr , H.
GERMANY University of Hamburg, Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker Centre for Science and Peace Research (ZNF)Session 9 - Poster
039Nuclear Forensic Application of LA-MC-ICP-MS Lloyd , N.
GERMANY Thermo Fisher Scientific Session 9 - Poster
041Information-Driven Safeguards: A Country Officer's PerspectiveGyane , E.
IAEASession 18 - Poster
042Verification of Vitrified High-activity Waste Stored in a CASTOR HAW 20/28 CG Cask by Simulated Baseline ComparisonShephard , A.
IAEASession 20 - Poster
044Collecting Safeguards Relevant Trade Information: Experience and Information Gained Through IAEA Outreach Activities to Member StatesSchot, P.
IAEASession 10 - Oral
045Electrically Cooled Germanium System for Measurements of Uranium Enrichment in UF6 CylindersDvornyak, P.
IAEASession 30 - Poster
046Application of Smoothed Second Derivative Algorithm for NDA Measurements on Irradiated Nuclear or Non-nuclear Materials with High Gamma DoseLee, Y.G.
IAEASession 30 - Poster
047In Situ Object Counting System (ISOCS) Technique: Cost-effective Tool for NDA Verification Activities in the IAEA SafeguardsNizhnik, V.
IAEASession 30 - Poster
048All-source Information Acquisition and Analysis in the IAEA Department of SafeguardsFerguson, M.
IAEASession 15 - Oral
049Quantification of Fissile Materials by Photon Activation Method in a Highly Shielded Enclosure Dighe , P.M.
INDIA Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)Session 22 - Oral
052Integrated Support Center for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Security for AsiaKimura , N.
JAPAN Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT); Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) Session 8 - Poster
053Integrated Safeguards Information System for Japan (ISIS-J) - Strengthening SSAC for Enhancing Confidence in Compliance with Safeguards Obligations Iso , S.
JAPAN Nuclear Material Control Centre (NMCC)Session 7 - Poster
054Recommendations for Enhancing Implementation of Additional Protocol DeclarationsNiina , T.
JAPAN Nuclear Material Control Centre (NMCC)Session 7 - Poster
055In-line Determination of Uranium, Plutonium and Acidity in Spent Fuel Reprocessing for Process Monitoring on Advanced Nuclear Material Verification Kuno , T.
JAPAN Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)Session 11 - Oral
056The Site Approach - Lessons Learned from the Integrated Safeguards Approach for JNC-1 Kikuchi , M.
JAPAN Nuclear Material Control Centre; Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA); Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)Session 20 - Poster
057Technical Challenge and Demonstration of Advanced Solution Monitoring and Measurement System (ASMS)Takaya , A.
JAPAN Tokai Reprocessing Technology Development Center; Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)Session 31 - Poster
059Feasibility Study of Neutron Multiplicity Assay for a Heterogeneous Sample Containing Na, Pu and Other Impurities Nakamura , H.
JAPAN Tokai Reprocessing Technology Development Center; Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)Session 30 - Poster
060Experience of Integrated Safeguards Approach for Large-scale Hot Cell LaboratoryMiyaji , N.
JAPAN Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA); Japan Safeguards Office (JSGO); Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)Session 22 - Oral
061Establishment of Accurate Calibration Curve for National Verification at a Large Scale Input Accountability Tank in RRPGoto , Y.
JAPAN Nuclear Material Control Centre (NMCC)Session 30 - Poster
063Development of Advanced Monitoring System with Reactor Neutrino Detection Technique for Verification of Reactor Operation Furuta , H.
JAPAN Tohoku UniversitySession 31 - Poster
064Investigating 3S Synergies to Support Infratructure Development and Risk-informed Methodologies for 3S by DesignSuzuki , M.
JAPAN Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)Session 26 - Oral
065Needs of Advanced Safeguards Technologies for Future Nuclear Fuel Cycle (FNFC) Facilities and a Trial Application of SBD Concept to Facility Design of a Hypothetical FNFC Facility Seya , M.
JAPAN Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)Session 19 - Poster
066Experience and Achievement on Safeguards by Design for Plutonium Fuel Production Facility PFPF Ninagawa , J.
JAPAN Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)Session 19 - Poster
068Japan-IAEA Workshops on Advanced Safeguards for the Future Nuclear Fuel Cycles Hoffheins , B.
JAPAN Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)Session 19 - Poster
069Facility Safeguardability Analysis in Support of Safeguards by DesignWonder, E.F.
USAQinetiqSession 19 - Poster
070Enhanced Cooperation Between SSAC and IAEA Through Joint Operation of On-site Laboratory for Safeguarding Rokkasho Reprocessing PlantItoh , T.
JAPAN Nuclear Material Control Centre (NMCC); Rokkasho Safeguards Center (RSC)Session 14 - Oral
071Status and Prospect of Safeguards By Design for the Pyroprocessing Facility Kim , H.
KOREA, REP. OF Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute Session 34 - Oral
072Implementing of Safeguards Obligations in the Republic of Moldova Corfanenco, M.
MOLDOVANational Agency for Regulation of Nuclear and Radiological Activities (NARNRA) Session 7 - Poster
074Towards Compact Antineutrino Detectors for Safeguarding Nuclear Reactorsde Meijer , R.J.
NETHERLANDS Stichting (Foundation) EARTH Session 31 - Poster
076Lessons Learned: Experiences with Integrated Safeguards in Norway Sekse , T.
NORWAYNorwegian Radiation Protection Authority Session 7 - Poster
077IAEA Safeguards in Pakistan and Emerging Issues/Challenges Khan , S.
PAKISTANPakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) Session 7 - Poster
078Safeguard Verification as Cooperative Measure for Non-proliferation Control in Peru Ramirez, R.
PERUInstituto Peruano de Energia Nuclear (IPEN) Session 20 - Poster
082Occurrence of Particle with Morphology Characteristics which Are Typical for Certain Kinds of Nuclear Activity Stebelkov , V.
RUSSIAN FEDERATIONLaboratory for Microparticle Analysis Session 9 - Poster
083Determination of the Age of Uranium in Microparticles by Russian Laboratory Stebelkov , V.
RUSSIAN FEDERATIONLaboratory for Microparticle AnalysisSession 9 - Poster
085Strategy for Nuclear Technology Education at Uppsala UniversityÖsterlund , M.
SWEDEN Uppsala University, Department of Physics and AstronomySession 26 - Oral
088Modeling Cherenkov Light from Irradiated Nuclear Fuel Assemblies Using GEANTGrape , S.
SWEDEN Uppsala University, Department of Physics and Astronomy Session 30 - Poster
089Safeguards Licensing Aspects of a Future Gen IV Test Facility - A Case Study Åberg-Lindell , M.
SWEDEN Uppsala University, Division of Applied Nuclear Physics Session 19 - Poster
090Implementation of the Safeguards System in the Republic of TajikistanUlmas , M.
TAJIKISTANNuclear and Radiation Safety Agency Session 7 - Poster
092Introduction of Counter-proliferation Capabilities in Developing StatesCaulfield , P
UNITED KINGDOMSession 18 - Poster
093Fast Enrichment Screening for Safeguards ApplicationsSimpson, A.
USAPajarito Scientific CorporationSession 20 - Poster
094Consideration of Safeguards Requirements During the Design of the URENCO Tails Management Facility Roach , A.m.
UNITED KINGDOMURENCO Chemplants, LTD. Session 34 - Oral
095Steps of Ukrainian SSAC to Integrated SafeguardsLopatin , S.
UKRAINE State Nuclear Regulatory Committee of Ukraine Session 14 - Oral
096Next Generation Safeguards Initiative: 2010 and BeyondWhitney, J.M.
USANational Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)Session 3 - Oral
099Results from the 2010 INMM International Containment and Surveillance Workshop Focused on Concepts for the 21st CenturyPickett , C.A.
USAOak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)Session 11 - Oral
100Issues for the Development of Information Driven IAEA SafeguardsBudlong-Sylvester , K.
USALos Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)Session 3 - Oral
101Nuclear Non-proliferation, Safeguards, and Security in the 21st Century - A Brookhaven National Laboratory NGSI Summer CourseFishbone , L.G.
USABrookhaven National Laboratory (BNL)Session 8 - Poster
104Safeguards Design Strategies: Designing and Constructing New Uranium and Plutonium Processing Facilities in the United StatesLong, J.
USASession 19 - Poster
108Next Generation Safeguards Initiative: Human Capital Development ProgramsLockwood, D.
USAU. S. Department of Energy / National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)Session 26 - Oral
109Supporting to Establish the Safeguards Infrastructure in Newcomer CountriesPark, J.
ROREA, REP. OFKINACSession 26 - Oral
112Safeguards Professional Development OpportunitiesGilligan, K.
USA Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)Session 8 - Poster
115Combining Measurements with Three-Dimensional Laser Scanning System and Coded Aperture Gamma-ray Imaging Systems for International Safeguards ApplicationsRaffo-Caiado , A.C.
USAOak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Session 31 - Poster
116Using Process Load Cell Information for IAEA SG at Enrichment PlantsWhitaker , M.
USAOak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)Session 20 - Poster
118Verifiable Process Monitoring Through Enhanced Data AuthenticationSchoeneman , B.D.
USASandia National Laboratories (SNL)Session 32 - Poster
119Advanced Process Monitoring Techniques for Safeguarding Reprocessing Facilities Orton , C.
USA Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNNL)Session 31 - Poster
124Secure Video Surveillance System (SVSS) for Unanounced Safeguards InspectionsPinkalla, M.
USA Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)Session 32 - Poster
125Enrichment Assay Methods for a UF6 Cylinder Verification StationOrton, C.R
USAPacific Northwest Laboratory (PNNL)Session 20 - Poster
126Fissile Flow and Enrichment Monitor for Advanced Safeguards Applications at Gaseous Centrifuge Enrichment Plants (GCEPs)March-Leuba, J.
USA Oak Ridge National Laboratory, (ORNL)Session 20 - Poster
128High-energy Delayed Gamma-ray Spectroscopy for Direct Measurement of Pu in Spent FuelCampbell , L.
USAPacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)Session 30 - Poster
130Determining Plutonium Mass in Spent Fuel with Non-destructive Assay Techniques - NGSI Research Update Tobin , S.
USA Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)Session 30 - Poster
131A New Technique for Uranium Cylinder Assay Using Passive Neutron Self-interrogation Miller , K.
USA Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)Session 20 - Poster
134Development of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Instrumentation for Safeguards ApplicationsBarefield, J.
USALos Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)Session 9 - Poster
137Delayed Gamma Technique for Non-destructive AssayMozin , V.
USALos Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)Session 30 - Poster
138The Evolution of Environmental Sampling for SafeguardsFischer, D.
IAEASession 4 - Oral
139Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Plants Inspection Frequency and Remote Monitoring Issues for Advanced Safeguards ImplementationBoyer , B.D.
USALos Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)Session 27 - Oral
140Ultra-wideband Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for Safeguard ApplicationsNekoogar , F.
USA Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)Session 32 - Poster
141Innovative Foundations for Remote Monitoring Systems SealsGhanbari , R.
USA Texas A&M USSPSession 32 - Poster
142Remote Safeguards and Monitoring of Reactors with AntineutrinosReyna, D.
USA Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)Session 11 - Oral
144Information Driven Inspections Laughter, M.
USA ORNL Session 27 - Oral
145Collaborative Analysis for Information Driven SafeguardsMaybury , M.T.
USA The MITRE CorporationSession 15 - Oral
147From Data to Knowledge - Promising Analytical Tools and Techniques for Capture and Reuse of Corporate Knowledge and to Aid in the State Evaluation ProcessDanielson, G.
USA Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)Session 15 - Oral
159Environmental Sample Analysis - Advances and Future TrendsDonohue, D.
IAEA Session 4 - Oral
164Incorporating Safeguards Early into Facility Design PhasesScherer , C.P.
USA Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)Session 19 - Poster
168Uncertainty in Measurement of Isotope Ratios by Multi-collector Mass Spectrometry Williams , R.
USA Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)Session 4 - Oral
169Monochromatic Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence for Improved Pu Assay Havrilla , G.J.
USA Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LANL)Session 30 - Poster
171Investigating Chemical and Molecular Changes in Uranium Oxyfluoride Particles Using NanoSIMS and Micro-raman SpectroscopyKips, R.
USALawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)Session 24 - Oral
174A Gamma-gamma Coincidence Spectrometer for Nuclear Attribution and Safeguard ApplicationsZhang, W.
CANADA Radiation Protection Bureau of Health Session 30 - Poster
175Authentication Issues in SafeguardsTolk, K.
USA Milagro ConsultingSession 32 - Poster
177Method Development for Analysis of Single Hot Particles in Safeguards Swipe Samples Mácsik , Z.
HUNGARYInstitute of Isotopes, Hungarian Academy of SciencesSession 9 - Poster
178Neutron Data Collection and Analysis Techniques Comparisons for SafeguardsHenzlova, D.
USALawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LANL)Session 30 - Poster
181Safeguards Verification with Time-correlated Fast Neutron DetectionNakae, L.F.
USA Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)Session 30 - Poster
182Advanced Technology for Enrichment Monitoring in UF6 Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Plants Ianakiev , K.
USA Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)Session 20 - Poster
187Verification of Components and Sub-assemblies for Containment and Surveillance in International SafeguardsKoskelo , M.
USA Aquila Technologies; IAEASession 32 - Poster
188Use of Optically-stimulated luminescence (OSL) Methods for Safeguards Forensics MeasurementsKoskelo , M.
USA Aquila Technologies, Division of MELE Associates; Landauer, Inc.Session 9 - Poster
190The Role of the Industry in Safeguards by Design Stein , M.
192Equipment Testing Challenges in the IAEA EnvironmentMartelle, G.
USASecurity Enterprises, Inc.Session 30 - Poster
193Spectroscopic 3D Gamma-ray Imaging for Nuclear SafeguardsMihailescu, L.
USALawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)Session 9 - Poster
194Cryogenic Sensors for High-precision Safeguards MeasurementsRabin, M.
USALos Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)Session 30 - Poster
196Future of the AgencyVallim Guerreiro, A.
BRAZIL Brazilian Missions to the IAEASession 3 - Oral
197An Overview of Emerging Safeguards Technologies: A U.S. PerspectiveLaMontagne , S.
USAUnited States Department of Energy (DOE);/ National Nuclear Security AdministrationSession 11 - Oral
198Industry Contribution to Thwart Illicit Nuclear TradeWirtz, R.
GERMANY Oerlikon Leybold VacuumSession 10 - Oral
199CBRN Centres of Excellence: A Networking Approach Towards CBRN Risk MitigationMarelli, F.
ITALYUNICRISession 10 - Oral
200Innovation in Safeguards R&D, and EU Contribution to Strengthening the Global Safeguards SystemJanssens, W.A.M.
EUEuropean Commission, Joint Research Centre, IspraSession 10 - Oral
201Fallout from the Khan Network and the Clash of National InterestsCollins, C.
USASession 10 - Oral
204VERTIC, Verified Warhead Dismantlement: Observations and RecommendationsPersbo, A.
VERTICSession 33 - Oral
207Studies for Use of LEU Along With Thorium in Advanced Heavy Water Reactor to Enhance the Proliferation Resistance of Fuel Prasad , N.
INDIABhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)Session 19 - Poster
210URENCO Conference on GCEP Safeguards, Held in December 2009Friend, P.J.
211Remote Safeguards Inspections: Concepts and PracticalitiesTsvetkov, I.
IAEA Session 27 - Oral
213Laser-based Monitoring of UF6 CylindersPoirier, S.
IAEASession 22 - Oral
214The IAEA's New Nuclear Material LaboratorySchmitzer, C.
IAEA Session 4 - Oral
217Development of IAEA High-level Guidelines for Designers and Operators - Safeguards by Design Sevini , F.
EUEuropean Commission, Joint Research Cenrtre; European Commission, DG Energy; IAEASession 34 - Oral
218The further Evolution of SSAC-IAEA Cooperation: SAGSI's ConsiderationsCasterton, J.
Standing Advisory Group on Safeguards Implementation (SAGSI)Session 14 - Oral
219Safeguards by Design: The Canadian Experience Ellacott , T.
CANADACanadian Nuclear Safety Commission Session 19 - Poster
223Ontology Potentials in Increasing Effectiveness of Safeguards and Nuclear Weapon Non-proliferation Activities Laban , S.
Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) Session 18 - Poster
225Integration of Nuclear Safeguards and Security at the JRC Abousahl, S.
EUEuropean Commission, Joint Research Center, Brussels Session 20 - Poster
226Nuclear Safeguards R&D and Innovation at the JRC Abousahl, S.
EUEuropean Commission, Joint Research CenterSession 11 - Oral
228Electronic Seals Developed for Security Application and Their Potential Application in Safeguard Chiaramello , M.
EU European Commission, Joint Research Centre (EC - JRC)Session 32 - Poster
229The ESARDA Working Group on Containment and Surveillance: Activities and AchievementsGoncalves , J.G.M.
EUJoint Research Centre of the European Commission Federation (JRC) Session 32 - Poster
230The European Commission Cooperative Support Programme: Activities and AchievementsGoncalves , J.
EUJoint Research Centre of the European Commission Federation, Ispra (JRC)Session 14 - Oral
231GIS Based Integration and Analysis of Multiple Source Information for Non-proliferation StudiesGoncalves , J.G.M.
EUJoint Research Centre of the European Commission Federation, Ispra (JRC)Session 18 - Poster
233Virtual Reality Based System for Nuclear Safeguards ApplicationsGoncalves , J.G.M.
EUJoint Research Centre of the European Commission Federation, Ispra (JRC)Session 18 - Poster
239Developments in Implementation of Remote Data Transmission Schoop , K.
EUEuropean Commission, DG Energy, Nuclear Safeguards Directorate, Luxembourg Session 27 - Oral
240Data Acquisition Systems in Large Nuclear Facilities - Challenges, Experiences, SolutionsSchwalbach , P.
EUEuropean Commission, DG Energy, Nuclear Safeguards Directorate, LuxembourgSession 27 - Oral
241On Site Laboratories of Euratom - Ten Years of Excellent Results and Time to RenewSchwalbach , P.
EUEuropean Commission, DG Energy, Nuclear Safeguards Directorate, LuxembourgSession 31 - Poster
242Development of Uranium Reference Particles to Support Nuclear SafeguardsStefaniak , E.
EUEC JRC IRMMSession 9 - Poster
246Nuclear Reactors Simulations for Unveiling Diversion Scenarios : Capabilities of the Antineutrino Probe Fallot , M.
FRANCECNRS / IN2P3 / SUBATECH Session 31 - Poster
247Advances in Radar Remote Sensing and its Application to SafeguardsLoreaux, P.
FRANCE Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique (CEA)Session 15 - Oral
249 The ESARDA Verification Technologies and Methodologies Working Group (VTM WG): Addressing Verification Challenges GloballyRichard , M.
FRANCECommissariat à l'Energie Atomique (CEA)Session 20 - Poster
250Safeguarding a Vitrification Facility at the Dismantled WAK Pilot Processing PlantLausch , J.
GERMANYWAK GmbH Session 20 - Poster
251Improving Measurements of Time-correlated Neutrons from Transuranium Neutron Sources by Using a Pulse Train Recorder Nguyen , C.T.
HUNGARYInstitute of Isotopes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Session 30 - Poster
252Non-destructive Measurement of the Pu and U Content of Inhomogeneous Items Originating from Spent FuelNguyen , C.T.
HUNGARYInstitute of Isotopes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Session 30 - Poster
253Summary of the Results of the Hungarian Safeguards Support Programme to the IAEAStefánka , Z.
HUNGARYHungarian Atomic Energy Authority Session 7 - Poster
254Challenging Road from Comprehensive to Integrated Safeguards - The Hungarian SSAC's Experience and Future Role Vincze , A.
HUNGARYHungarian Atomic Energy Authority Session 7 - Poster
256The Range of Variation of Uranium Isotope Ratios in Natural Uranium Samples and Potential Application to Nuclear SafeguardsBuerger , S.
IAEASession 9 - Poster
257Information-driven Safeguards: New Concepts for Implementing the State-level Integrated Safeguards Approach for Canada Franklin S., E.
IAEASession 7 - Poster
258Modern Safeguards Tools for Efficient and Effective Design Information VerificationJung , S.
IAEASession 31 - Poster
260The IAEA's XCAM Next Generation Surveillance SystemMoeslinger , M.
IAEASession 32 - Poster
261Thermal-ionization Mass Spectrometry, a Strategic Analytical Technique for Safeguards On Site LaboratoriesRaptis , K.
IAEASession 9 - Poster
262Isotopic Separation by Laser Based Technologies: Safeguards Related Aspects Rousseau , D.
IAEASession 20 - Poster
266Enhancing and Optimizing Safeguards Implementation by Remote Safeguards Inspections Zendel , M.
IAEASession 18 - Poster
267The Importance of Correctness: The Role of Nuclear Material Accountancy and Nuclear Material Analysis in the State Evaluation ProcessNorman, C.
IAEA Session 15 - Oral
268Collaborative Information Analysis in Support of State EvaluationsNorman, C.
IAEA Session 18 - Poster
269Challenges in Quantifying Verification Effectiveness under Integrated Safeguards ApproachesOdulaja, A.
IAEA Session 20 - Poster
275Best Practice for Cooperation with National Authorities - The OPCW ExperienceLodding, J.
NETHERLANDSOrganization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. (OPCW) Session 20 - Poster
276Methods for Improving IAEA Information Analysis by Reducing Cognitive BiasesHobbs, C.L.
UNITED KINGDOMKing's College London Session 15 - Oral
278Destructive NM Analysis for SG: Importance and Future TrendsBalsley, S.
IAEA Session 4 - Oral
280The Role of IAEA in Multilateral Disarmament Verification Kofstadmoen, H.
NORWAY Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority Session 33 - Oral
281Operational Experience with a Secondary Spectroscopic Vehicle Portal Monitor Using High Purity Germanium DetectorsTwomey , T.
USAORTEC Session 32 - Poster
283Trace Elements in Uranium Refining and Conversion Healey, G.
CANADA Session 24 - Oral
285Fast Verification of the Enrichment of Fresh VVER-440 Fuel Assemblies at a Nuclear Power PlantZsigrai, J.
HUNGARY Hungarian Academy of Science; Paks Nuclear Power Plant; JRC/ECSession 30 - Poster
286Implementation of Nuclear Non-proliferation in Iraq Legislation ActivitiesHameed , A. A.
IRAQMinistry of Science and Technology (INMD)Session 7 - Poster
288Strengthening of Safeguards Implementation in Armenia - Development of NUCMAT: Nuclear Materials Accounting and Reporting SoftwareAmirjanyan , A.
ARMENIANuclear and Radiation Safety Center (NRSC) Session 8 - Poster
289Indicators of Nuclear ProgrammesArenas C., J.
IAEA Session 8 - Poster
292Legal Authority as a Mean to Enhance Effectiveness and Efficiency of Safeguards for Thailand Biramontri, S.
ThailandOffice of Atoms for Peace (OPA)Session 7 - Poster
295Safeguards for XXI Century: Regional Approach Gonzalez, G.
CHILE Ministry of Foreign AffairsSession 3 - Oral
297Sampling the Globe: Optimal Inspection Strategies and Detection ProbabilitiesKrieger , T.
GERMANYITIS GmbH Session 20 - Poster
298Use of SAR Satellite Imagery for Geological Repositories Monitoring Niemeyer , I.
GERMANYForschungszentrum Jülich GmbH; Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC); TU Bergakademie Freiberg; Radaition Nuclear Safety Authority (ATUK); IAEA; C-Core; Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAX)Session 20 - Poster
299Developing Safeguards ResourcesCrete, J.M.
IAEASession 26 - Oral
304International Safeguards in GermanyRemagen, H.
GermanyBMW; Forschungszentrum; UBA GmbHSession 7 - Poster
307Broader Use of Statistical Techniques in the Design of Advanced Safeguards ApproachesOdulaja, A.
IAEASession 22 - Oral
308Safeguards for a Gen IV Type Reactor - Safeguards Approach Versus Design Informationvan der Meer , Klaas
Carchon, Borella
BELGIUM SCK.CENSession 19 - Poster
313Understanding Nuclear Trade: Data Sources and Tools Versino, C.
EUEuropean Commission/Joint Research Centre (EC/JRC)Session 18 - Poster
315Organizational Culture - Why Does it Matter?Desson, K.
CANADA Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)Session 21 - Oral
316COMPUCEA 2nd Generation Performance Evaluation Erdmann , N.
EUEuropean Commission / Joint Research Centre (EC/JRC)Session 30 - Poster
318Involvement of Plant Operator in the Safeguarding of the Shipment of Fabricated MOX Fuel Assemblies: "Operator Experience"Gramond , M.
FRANCEAREVA Session 20 - Poster
322NGSI Model SBD Guidance DocumentsLockwood, D.
USANational Nuclear Security Administration Session 19 - Poster
324Resolving a Safeguards ParadoxLyman , E.
USAUnion of concerned scientists Session 20 - Poster
325The Use of Lasers in IAEA SafeguardsMonteith, A.
IAEASession 31 - Poster
326Novel Technologies for IAEA SafeguardsMonteith, A.
IAEASession 11 - Oral
333The Role of the IAEA in a World Reducing Stocks of Nuclear Weapons Shea , T.
USANuclear Threat InitiativeSession 33 - Oral
334Implementation of Integrated Safeguards in Indonesia Solichah , M.
INDONESIA Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency (BAPETEN) Session 7 - Poster
338Detection of Partial Defects Using a Digital Cerenkov Viewing DeviceChen, J.D.
CANADA Channel Systems Inc.Session 30 - Poster
340Gamma and Neutron Detector Performance in a MOX Fuel Fabrication Plant EnvironmentLavietes, A.
IAEASession 30 - Poster
342Methodology for Long-Range Strategic Planning in the Department of Safeguards Pujol, E.
IAEASession 3 - Oral
349Exploring the Potential of Satellite Imagery for CTBT and FMCT VerificationNiemeyer, I.
EUForschungszentrum Juelich, Germany / Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SwedenSession 18 - Poster

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Session 1

Session 2

Session 3
Strategic Safeguards
Priorities & Activities

Session 4
Nuclear Material and Environmental Sample Analysis: New Horizons

Session 7
Safeguards Implementation - State Experiences
Session 8

Session 9
Forensics and

Session 10
Challenges in a
Changing & Trans-
national World

Session 11
Emerging & Future Technologies for
Detecting Undeclared
Activities & Material

Session 14

Session 15
All Sources
Analysis for
Activities & Material

Session 18

Session 19
by Design

Session 20
Concepts and

Session 21
Enhancing the
Culture to Prepare
for Future Missions

Session 22
Advanced Safeguards
Approaches for
Existing Fuel
Cycle Facilities

Session 24
Application of
Techniques to

Session 26

Session 27

Session 30
Session 31
for Safeguards

Session 32
Advancements in Containment and Surveillance
Session 33
Potential New
Verification Roles
in Support of
Arms Control &

Session 34
Safeguards by
Design - Safeguards
for Advanced and
Proliferation Resistant
Nuclear Fuel
Cycle Facilities

Session 37
Closing Plenary
Panel Sessions
[5; 6; 12; 16; 17; 28; 29]
Forum Sessions
[13; 23; 25; 35; 36]