DDG's Corner

Today – right across the world – we see more nuclear facilities and material coming under IAEA safeguards. More countries are developing nuclear power and certain nuclear technologies are becoming more sophisticated.

Further optimisation of safeguards implementation is essential. There are three main ways in which we can increase our productivity in close consultation with Member States:

  • Firstly, by optimizing our internal processes;
  • Secondly, by making better use of modern technology; and
  • Thirdly, by Member States themselves improving their performance in safeguards implementation.

My vision for safeguards in the future is one in which the Member States and nuclear industry see us as value added — important partners, not as adversaries; in which we continue to draw independent, robust and soundly-based conclusions; and in which any non-compliance is dealt with fairly but firmly.

It is vital that we get it right: the international community needs it, future generations depend on it — and it is our joint responsibility to deliver it.