Peer Review and Advisory Services Calendar

Mission Title Страна Start Date Отчет
IRRS Mission to Luxembourg Luxembourg 10.06.2018 Download
IPPAS Mission (2nd) to Switzerland Switzerland 28.05.2018
AMRAS Mission to Rwanda Rwanda 28.05.2018
INSARR Mission to TRICO II Research Reactor Democratic Republic of the Congo 07.05.2018
Pre-SALTO Mission to Angra 1 Brazil 02.05.2018 Download
AMRAS Mission to Angola Angola 23.04.2018
Pre-SALTO Mission to South Ukraine 3 Ukraine 17.04.2018 Download
INSARR Mission to GHARR-1 Ghana 16.04.2018
INIR 1 Mission to Niger Niger 16.04.2018 Download
EduTA Mission to Tajikistan Tajikistan 09.04.2018 Download
AMRAS Mission to El Salvador El Salvador 09.04.2018
INSARR Follow-up Mission to JRTR Research Reactor Jordan 25.03.2018
AMRAS Mission to Kuwait Kuwait 25.03.2018
TSR-SR of Saudi Arabia's Safety Requirements Saudi Arabia 23.03.2018
IPPAS Follow-up Mission to France France 12.03.2018
AMRAS Mission to Benin Benin 06.03.2018
Pre-operational OSART Mission to Olkiluoto 3 Finland 05.03.2018 Download
OSART Mission to Loviisa Finland 05.03.2018 Download
IPPAS Mission to Ecuador Ecuador 05.03.2018
SALTO Mission to Ringhals 3 and 4 Sweden 27.02.2018 Download

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